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Humanity Feeling Of Humanity Donated Love

Humanity Feeling Of Humanity Donated Love And Hope


Humanity Feeling Of Humanity Donated Love : my loved brothers and my loved sisters I remain with you, next to you, I remain with you all the time to be able to share the joy with you, embraced together to solve problems and move toward others giving Love; today all of my brothers need to experience this feeling of humanity that is inside you, they need hope for a better world, which only emotions can create; reflect on this, isn’t’ it perhaps this emotion for humanity that you are seeking, and as you find it in your heart you feel like you shine with renewed hope? it’s exactly in this moment, in your difficulties, that you need humanity, to assist in the help, hope for help, believing in other people, you have experienced moments of great difficulty, and it’s exactly in these moments of humanity, the feeling where a heart embraces the other heart in the difficulty and that heart is bringing you manifestation of Love that lights up the little flame in times of despair.


This need is common to everybody, all of you have this need to feel others as your brothers, and it’s in the emotion that this encounter takes place, this reawakening of the heart of the other, of the brother.


This need belongs to the heart, and during moments of difficulty you need this contact with the other person even more.


I remain with you, happy, to donate this feeling to you, to light up the hope in you, and to be with you, two hearts that light emotions and hope for the other hearts.


That feeling that you feel inside your hearts today needs to be donated, that feeling that pushes you to donate yourselves is the feeling of humanity inside you, that feeling that pushes you to donate in times of need, it is born from the heart and looks at the other person, it’s humanity, it’s Love, it recognizes the other as a heart that lights up and that illuminates by donating, it’s the Love of the heart.


This is why you feel the emotion at the time of contact, inside me as I speak to you, and while I speak to you the feeling travels, to your heart, from me to you, to others. This is the flow of the feeling between hearts.


Right now our contact lights you up, the feeling inside you, you are listening and calm, can you feel this state of calm that this feeling is creating inside you? This state of relaxation is always inside you, as you listen you are feeding from my Love and you are experiencing sweetness inside you, the same sweetness that you feel inside the heart when you donate your own help, sweetness that comes from the contact between hearts, and the calm and Love created by the meeting of these hearts. Can you feel it? In being yourselves in the heart it seems that the heart does not have any needs, that feeling of bliss you are experiencing is the meeting of the hearts, of this humanity, of the feeling, it’s donated Love, it’s exchanged Love.


The experience you are having in these few minutes is the experience that the heart would love to live all the time, and your heart is like every heart, and the donated Love lights up this experience inside the hearts. Everything is in the humanity.


When the nourished heart listens, it goes to the other heart and it expresses humanity.


Leave your heart with our contact and let’s move on together, toward others, next to you there is always my heart, with you.


I leave you by sending you some words from the heart: I am feeling joy and hope and Love in the heart for you.


With all of my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Humanity Feeling Of Humanity Donated Love And Hope was the Message dictated 20th November 2008




Humanity Feeling Of Humanity Donated Love And Hope


Humanity Feeling Of Humanity Donated Love


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