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Messages To Humanity Being Brothers

Messages To Humanity Being Brothers The Solution Begins With Love


Messages To Humanity Being Brothers : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, today the situation requires courage, I am right next to you, there are many difficulties on earth, from pollution to widespread injustice, from economic problems that cause insecurity to problems among you brothers in your relationships; huge difficulties wait to be tackled by the Love inside all of you, problems that can be solved if earth was looked upon from the heart, recognizing your own likeness in that brother of Love who is on earth just like you.


Let’s begin to talk of your being brothers. Is there justice in your actions? Does your behavior with other brothers speak of justice? Is it only correctness that pushes you to do things with justice, or does that brother perceive in you that you place Love first? What brings you to be with your brothers just like you would be with yourselves?


Injustice can be erased from earth, it is just necessary for the eyes with which you are looking at a brother to tell you how that brother is seeing you with his own eyes. This sharing of the experience, my brothers, is telling you how that brother is living on earth. Through his eyes you can feel the anguish, the powerlessness, his existence, because this is what injustice does to the heart’s feelings.


This earth, this earth that’s being exploited, it does not have eyes, it sends pollution back to you, it sends you a need to regain harmony, every river flows to the sea and every drop of rain falls upon the entire planet and it feeds your water tables and the soil, what you eat is produced by earth. From here pollution involves every brother. And in front of your eyes, illnesses that in the past had never existed are now witnessed by doctors. Is this progress? Progress perpetuated by injustice, not within respect, leads to this. And you are all on earth, no one is excluded.


And let’s talk of oil, a wealth of earth that produces injustice, and not only in countries that are rich with oil, but oil produces objects that are in the entire world and there is more injustice in owning them and destroying them, which produces further pollution.


The needs, your needs, do they necessarily have to generate pollution? No, and you know it, and despite this, no-one is trying to find a solution. This is your state: being brothers but with your eyes bandaged shut.


Your health says “Where is the doctor? Is there a pill for that?” They are bandages on your eyes, “Why does the act of punishing violence not manage to eradicate it?” those are bandages on your eyes, “Why does that country border that separates us make us different?” those are bandages on your eyes.


Inside your heart you do know the reason why, it’s all in those eyes, in your eyes that look at the other person when feeling, when picking up their experience. This is what you find in the eyes of your brothers, your own heart living a different condition of existence, an existence still possible on earth. In the eyes you see that brother; this emotion in his heart speaks to you of injustice and speaks to you of Love for others in the same condition. You acknowledge the pain and you have in the heart his same desperation and you think of how to help.


You think of the possible help in that moment when you let the bandages fall off your eyes, and you begin to listen with your heart. This way, ever so slowly the solution will arrive. The solution begins with Love; it began with Love and will conclude with a solution realized by Love. This is progress, starting from Love, making possible the realization of Love. Everything is possible when you start from your hearts, removing bandages and listening from your hearts.


This feeling is the life, fill your existence with Love.


With you, with all my heart.


Your brother Jesus Christ.


Messages To Humanity Being Brothers The Solution Begins With Love was the Message dictated 24th November 2008



Messages To Humanity Being Brothers The Solution Begins With Love


Messages To Humanity Being Brothers


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