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Messages To Humanity Brother Of Love

Messages To Humanity Brother Of Love And The Illusion Of Earth


Messages To Humanity Brother Of Love : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, I am at your side to talk to you of Love, all brothers, this is our reality, right now, at all times, we are all brothers; physical distances on the earth planet make you think of someone as being far away; distances between continents cause you to not recognize as brothers some hearts that profess different religions, that have a different color skin, other cultures, and lives so different; this is the illusion of earth, of distances, the direction that your eyes take allows for you to remain in this illusion.


But if it’s true that being on earth means knowing the dimension of space, of far away lands, for your heart there is only the concept of vicinity. Recognizing a brother is a contact for the heart, with that next of kin, with his emotions, with his history and even if he lives in a far away place, the contact of your heart with his heart makes you recognize him as a brother in the feeling.


So many times in your experiences you lived dramas of your brothers as they tell you about them, so many emotions, extremely intense emotions, you have lived them as you listened to those hearts open up to you; at that time, did you experience any distance between you and them? No, proximity, your heart felt united with that brother, that heart that was suffering, your heart recognized the heart of the other person as one of its own, your brother, and his pain made you cry, his sadness made you worry, and a beautiful event placed joy inside you. In this participation of your heart, you have recognized your brother.


When you walk, do you know where you are going? You are walking among hearts, among emotions, hopes, problems, among hearts that seek the contact with other hearts, you are walking among hearts that need help, you walk among hearts that often are too busy to listen to each other. These are your brothers, your brothers are on the streets; often they are so discouraged they don’t even feel it’s appropriate to greet you, they feel alone without contact with their own peers and there is emptiness in their eyes, the contact of Love between you is thus not possible.


My brothers, while I speak to you I feel my emotion, my heart that loves talking to you so much, speaking to you, the eyes do not see this emotion that I am expressing, but my emotion is indeed seen by your heart, and right now you feel me right in front of you, sweetly talking to you and sweetly guiding you to look at life for what it is. Brothers, you are surrounded by your brothers, and for you on earth the sweet contact allows you to rediscover this. You are a brother to others, hearts that can open up the contact as they feel themselves, inside an emotion is where you recognize a brother, in sharing you recognize a brother, in being united you recognize a brother, in this proximity is the recognition.


In the deleting of all distance is where the recognition of the heart is.


Just imagine what it can mean for your heart to erase these distances: having lived and moved among brothers; sharing the history and the emotions; rediscovery inside you and inside the other of the same exact humanity, of shared needs; being among brothers is a need and a richness, it’s the absence of loneliness, it’s also a human condition to feel united with one another, in a great sharing of being all brothers.


Think of how this great sharing among brothers could change the world, a world where distances are only one condition of being on earth, but unity among brothers is the condition of all hearts.


However in order for this to happen, begin among yourselves, the rediscovery of Love needs the rediscovery of the other person in their own Love, rediscovery of everyone as your own brothers, this is the objective of the journey of awareness that you are leading with your hands in mine.


And while you are experimenting, I shall walk these roads with you and I will guide you to see the eyes of that brother who is also walking, even a first contact with the eyes is important to recognize that in those eyes there is a heart.


With all of my affection, with the infinite Love that I have for all of you brothers, I kiss you from my heart,


Your brother Jesus Christ


Messages To Humanity Brother Of Love And The Illusion Of Earth was the Message dictated 27 November 2008




Messages To Humanity Brother Of Love And The Illusion Of Earth


Messages To Humanity Brother Of Love


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