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The Birth Of Jesus Christ Heart And Love

The Birth Of Jesus Christ Heart And Love The Only Possessions


The Birth Of Jesus Christ Heart And Love : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, I shall answer your questions from my heart about the day that I was born, through the Holy Christmas you relive my journey on earth, tradition dictates that I was born in a manger, you asked yourselves why; back then there was the wait for the arrival of the Messiah, a great heart that would have led you to the truths of the Sky, sharing with you the existence on earth, I was awaited, for years they had been waiting for that moment, the advent of the Messiah, and then without glitter, without possessions, your Messiah arrived; why, you asked yourselves, it’s because just like you I only own my heart, possession is not related to materialism, true possession is inside the heart, I was born with this precious possession, the heart, the Love that resided in me and my entire existence was dedicated to speaking from my heart.


Everyone, people, my brothers, they all carried this memory of our meetings, they told stories of my heart, and they also told stories of miracles from my heart. Through the centuries and up to your days, you are being told that the Messiah was with you on earth. You are told that through my eyes, my gaze, my heart, all was expressed, and after that those stories bring you mostly the feeling of my heart.


I promised you I would remind you that inside every heart there is a heart, reminding you that it is possible for a life in the Love to be on earth, and possible, you made it possible, being with you as a heart, as an example of heart that leads its existence starting exactly from Love. Now it’s Christmas and through those stories you rediscover me as a heart and I bring you my message once again.


On earth, being among you, comes from the heart, being with you exists in the emotions, it does things for Love, it is possible for me and it is possible for every one of my brothers and sisters on earth.


Your most important possession, I repeat, is the heart that has always been inside you, there is no need for things in life except the goodness of the heart. One day you will abandon everything through your death, with the exception of your heart, that knows time as eternity.


Every other possession is used to aid this passage of the heart on earth, it’s use is not ownership, it’s to carry yourselves in the world so that your heart can speak through the experience, your being on earth is life inside the heart, each one of you is experimenting yourselves on earth in the Love, and inside each one of you is this feeling, a heart that is slowly discovering itself and experimenting itself by opening up to all other hearts.


Love, you are all Love that is speaking on earth, expressing itself, gaining experience, and this contact with us is through the very same Love that is generated inside the heart.


So, just like back then I talked to you about Love, I also taught you starting from my Love, and so I will speak to you and teach you for all times.


With Love, with all my heart


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Birth Of Jesus Christ Heart And Love The Only Possessions was the Message dictated 01st December 2008




The Birth Of Jesus Christ Heart And Love The Only Possessions


The Birth Of Jesus Christ Heart And Love


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