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Lesson of Love The Great Dream Of The Heart

Lesson of Love The Great Dream Of The Heart On Earth


Lesson of Love The Great Dream Of The Heart : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, today from my heart I am sending words for all my brothers who lead their existence on earth; with these words I wish from my heart that today you may feel guided to understand that Love on earth is indeed possible, just like it is possible in the Sky; this Sky, that you look up to when you are worried and wonder if it really exists. Is it true? today it’s the place of fulfilled love, just like us every brother lives in the Love, he is immersed in peace and the most common emotion among all brothers here is the sweet emotion of having peace in the heart, a beautiful emotion to feel yourselves in the Love, surrounded by precious brothers, who give you solidarity, affection, constant help from the brothers in the Sky who surround with great Love all of you who are on earth.


This is the Sky, paradise for you, but earth could also be the place where Love, and affection, could be fully developed.


It’s an important task for you, starting from the heart, flooding your world with light and with affection. The words I dictated are as a support, they are a light upon you, but they are not just words, they are also an effort to help you fulfill your dream.


And being in peace is a great need of your heart.


And being in harmony is a great need of your heart.


And participating in a world where Love is expressed is a great need of your heart.


This is the great dream of the heart, which wants to see harmony and affection and Love all the time around it. And this is what’s inside all hearts.


As I sweetly look at you on earth I notice the truly constant effort to place this dream into your heart, but then with the same eyes I see the difficulties that all of you encounter, and discouragement takes hold of you, and this is when your dream, your big dream, is threatened. Being yourselves, a heart in this world, meets with difficulties, however despite the difficulties you feel a hope for tomorrow. What seems impossible today is probably tomorrow, and after that it’s a need that is fulfilled.


This is the hope we always instill through our help, speaking to you with Love means to exist in this moment, from your heart, continuing to sow, harboring hope in the heart, and waiting for the moment when the seed will blossom and thanks to Love and new life it will grow into a plant.


Today is harvest time, the tomorrow that the heart is seeking needs time to mature; before it’s the seed and then the bud, this is the evolution.


Let’s look at the past, where others have sewn, you will harvest, and your harvest will produce seeds for other crops, this is how it has always been and you will continue to sow and there will be more and more plentiful harvests, and the dream of all of you brothers will be fulfilled.


With you, always with my help


With Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Lesson of Love The Great Dream Of The Heart On Earth was the Message dictated 4th December 2008



Lesson of Love The Great Dream Of The Heart On Earth


Lesson of Love The Great Dream Of The Heart


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