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Body Is The Garment That Spirit Is Wearing

Body Looks Is Only The Garment That Your Spirit Is Wearing Messages


Body Is The Garment That Spirit Is Wearing : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, I am with you with my heart, today and always, today I want to remind you that inside these clothes, you are a shining body, you are the Spirit that wears the clothes of a woman, a man, and your every characteristic of how your body looks is only the garment that your Spirit is wearing.


You can touch things with your hands, walk with your legs, and you can do a lot with your body, but your body is always, and only, going to be the shell of your Spirit.


Look after your body, feed it, if needed take medicines, take all necessary remedies so that your Spirit can be on earth and can talk about itself.


This existence is made for the Spirit, made possible by the body that is experimenting itself in this materialism.


Many of you are already aware of what the meaning is, the purpose of these years spent on earth: an experience in which the Spirit very slowly regains itself as it experiments Love in its divine nature; by loving you recognize the essential aspect of yourselves, you are made of Love, you are carriers of this divine spark that brought about your creation. Being those bodies while on earth means being a divine spark that roams the earth bringing this Love. Love that once sweetly experimented explodes inside itself, carrying its own ever increasingly intense light throughout the world all around it.


This is what Love allows as you experiment it: highlighting more and more how much Love is protected inside your Spirit. As you love, each one of you notices that the heart does not recognize any limit, the more it loves and the more it feels inside that it can love even more than before. To love means joy, and life is inside the act of loving.


And while the heart walks around, it looks at your existence and the world of the brothers and it talks about itself, of its own being Love, of the discovery inside itself that it is a divine spark.


And brothers respond to this “This is for you”, and they begin to speak about their worries, their problems, their difficulties that keep their hearts away from the discovery of the Love of their own Spirit.


But is it true that the heart is far away when problems surround you?


I have the feeling that many brothers see “problems” as an actual lack of serenity, as opposed to a lack experienced by the heart. Doesn’t being inside your problems push you to question yourselves on the reason for these inconveniences? Aren’t you consulting your heart about it? Facing a situation with the reflections that you make is like questioning your heart to understand what the best thing to do is. As you tend to those around you, you are consulting your heart seeking for advice, asking for the right way to be inside that problem. You see, brothers, you constantly consult with your heart, the Spirit that is inside you, but you are subconsciously consulting it and when an answer comes from your questions, you attribute the answer to your mind and not to the heart. However, the affection is of the heart, and every answer that was born from affection came from the heart, certainly not from the mind. The mind decides how, the ways to do it, the timings, but the necessity to express the affection that it f

eels inside, in the Spirit within that context, that belongs to the heart,


The act of consulting with your heart is a constant thing, the Spirit that is inside you, listening to your heart for solutions is constant, in the changes, listening could bring you to express even more the Love that it feels inside, you turn to the Spirit without knowing that it is the most important part of you, that which you are slowly experimenting.


You are here as that person that let her heart guide her, that let her Spirit guide her existence, that person knows, for you it’s a discovery through these words that I dictate to you.


The appearance is a body of flesh, appearance is the consistence of Spirit, but in reality each one of you goes through life as a Spirit.


A help in your awareness, as you question yourselves, check who you are asking your question to: your heart, or your mind?


As you question yourselves, do you ask the question to your brains or within you?


Now you know that you are asking your heart, you are asking the Spirit that is inside you.


Brothers, I hug you with much, much Love.


Forever with you, your brother Jesus Christ.


Body Looks Is Only The Garment That Your Spirit Is Wearing was the Message dictated 08th December 2008


Body Is The Garment That Spirit Is Wearing Messages


Body Is The Garment That Spirit Is Wearing


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