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Welcome Life Means Being Welcoming

Welcome Life Means Being Welcoming And Definition Of Yourselves


Welcome Life Means Being Welcoming : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, today I am with you to talk to you again about this experience you are living on earth, you face many problems, as well as the problems your brothers also face, you often hesitate and ask yourselves “Is this my life?”; in the memory you have regrets from when you were small and all the problems were a concern of your parents, and within those problems you would be turning to your parents to ask for a solution.


This is where the regret lays, the parent who would be in charge of solving the problem.


But time has passed, and many of you have become parents yourselves, taking on the problems of your children.


And this is how it will always be.


We identified a first element of life: life means being welcoming.


From the point of view of the heart, to welcome means to pay attention, it’s listening, it’s taking on upon yourselves, it’s highlighting the unit of that moment in time, it’s affection that is being shared, it’s feeling just like that heart, it’s feeling together with that heart, it’s feeling together to find a solution.


As you welcome a problem, this is what the heart sends back to you: an experience of the Love that is being experimented itself inside, and this is the experience that you are thus sending to your child, or your brother, as you listen to their problem.


As you talk of your problems, you seek a heart that will suggest a welcoming emotion to you.


And this is the experience, the feeling of sharing that you experience, the meeting of hearts that places light all around you. The problem did not go away, however an emotion with a possibility for a solution begins to grow inside you. And all this is being created by Love.


So the act of welcoming is a characteristic of life.


Life is then experience, experience of ‘me’, experience of ‘you’; life is therefore experience that brings knowledge. My heart, your heart, how do they manifest? What do they express? What do they lean toward? What needs to they express? What do they question themselves about? How do they communicate?


You are building up on this knowledge by maturing through your experience, the experience of your heart, the experience of the hearts with which you will come into contact. You define yourselves in the eyes of others through this experience. In this experience lays the treasure that you carry with you through your lives on earth.


The experience of you defining yourselves as you are brings Love with it, and finds answers through Love, which his the precious luggage of your life.


The words “I am” are knowledge of yourselves in life, they are an experience of your self, of others, knowledge that proceeds through life, through all of the experiences, at all times you know your heart, in your heart you store every experience of every moment, at all times you are adding elements to the definition of your selves.


The link between welcoming and the definition of yourselves is very strong, because as you welcome, you are acquiring experience of knowledge of the Love that is in you.


I embrace you with al my Love,


Your brother Jesus Christ


Welcome Life Means Being Welcoming And Definition Of Yourselves was the Message dictated 11th December 2008


Welcome Life Means Being Welcoming And Definition Of Yourselves Messages


Welcome Life Means Being Welcoming


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