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We Can With Love To Hope For A better World

We Can With Love To Hope For A better World Awareness Of Your Own Power


We Can With Love To Hope For A better World : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, I am with you to send you words that will help your hearts in this moment of difficulty, in the heart you all need hope, support, Love, all of you need to hope for a better new year, hope for the resolution of your many problems, my sweet brothers, may I hope with you?


My sweet brothers, my sweet sisters, there are so many problems awaiting a solution, I cry with you for the many useless deaths, avoidable deaths, deaths on the road, deaths on job sites, deaths at war, deaths caused by desperation, and then there are all those brothers who have caused tears and sadness and problems with safety with their selfishness, and many are gambling on this, disregarding any repercussions on numerous other brothers, and I am with you my brothers and I will add my tears to yours, however today you are in my heart, the light of my hope, you are all of my life, you are my heart beat, for you I saw the light on earth, for you my smile, my courage, all of my heart looks to you in hope. To you, to your heart, my voice goes, to the heart so it may wipe the sadness away and it may hope for a better world.


Love, this earth needs Love, every gesture can place light, every meeting can place light, every welcoming gesture can place light, every time a brother listens to another brother he can place light.


As you are overwhelmed by events, you often forget that each one of you can change this world, and a breath of peace is purely the sum of every single gesture from you, every single act of Love. You know, life is a sequence of moments, of instants, of minutes, they are important, and often what makes these moments so important, even down to single seconds, is your own heart. Build with your heart that important moment where you are yourselves in the manifestation of your Love, and here comes a breath of peace in front of a brother who spreads peace. The light in the heart is what you are spreading, stop and feel the change in you, you are bringing change from your own heart, every moment your heart builds a tomorrow within Love, the heart builds a future of Love.


Every moment is built on Love, in the heart there is awareness of your own power, building within Love means donating a future of life within Love to your brothers. It’s nice to feel in the heart that proud and sweet responsibility of expressing your Love to be able to build that tomorrow that only your smiles will see.


You are the ones who are carrying all this, every moment of your life, every moment you exist as you speak from the heart, you are the ones who are giving meaning to every instant of your lives by being Love, and you can build every moment of your lives with the Love from your heart.


And while I am embracing you, my Love unites with yours, brothers let’s build together, let’s dry all these tears, we can do it from the heart.


I dream of joy for my brothers, for each one of them, I desire so much sweetness for the heart of all my brothers, I wish for all the Love for the live of all my brothers. We can do it, with Love.


For all of us,


Your Brother Jesus Christ


We Can With Love To Hope For A better World Awareness Of Your Own Power was the Message dictated 15th December 2008


We Can With Love To Hope For A better World Awareness Of Your Own Power


We Can With Love To Hope For A better World


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