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For Future Generations What You Are Leaving

For Future Generations What You Are Leaving Behind For Future Generations


For Future Generations What You Are Leaving : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, here I am, from the heart with you, may my Love guide you to always put more Love into your lives and into the lives of your brothers; just like back then, I knew life on earth and I was among all of you, bringing you a message of Love, today I am following you and I have made my home inside your heart, I continue the same message of Love that I am transmitting uninterruptedly; my brothers, you are Love, sweetness that you carry inside you, your richness belongs to your heart, you are present Love on earth, you are the present that builds and shares Love all around you. And it’s you again, you numerous brothers, who will leave the present that you built as a legacy to those who will be born on earth after you, each one of you is building this legacy; each one of you, in your moment, is building this heredity.


It’s not money, but awareness, sensitivity, attention to the many problems, this is what you are leaving behind for future generations.


Brothers, are you leaving behind freedom? Justice? Equality of rights? Conditions in which to develop? Messages of Love behind you? Because this is what will build the future for those who will be born, and will go through their journey of life on earth.


Many brothers have this effort in their hearts, for the many children who will be born, this effort to leave as a legacy a better world than the one that they knew, and this will be a legacy for everyone.


Other sweet brothers do not recognize everyone for a legacy, but only their own children, and are leaving behind goods and buildings that can only create good living. However, every child in the world participates and a heavy legacy will affect those children too.


Violence, that child will participate in violence; injustice, that child will also breathe in injustice from that world; malaise of brothers, all of his life will be impregnated with the malaise, is this the legacy you will leave behind?


Being brothers is not only the recognition of being Spirit and being children of the Father, being brothers also means that in your reality, a discomfort felt by one affects everybody. This is what you breathe, the discomfort of others, and this is what those will be born after you will end up breathing, the ill-being of others.


This is the reason the present time is so important, what will the current moment leave behind in legacy?


You are all hearts, you all breathe together, right now, in this present moment, how does your heart feel toward everyone?


Sweet awareness lays in this feeling, and a possibility through your life, your actions, your awareness, your building of your own legacy.


When you think of your brothers, you are actually thinking of you, and of those who will come in the future, what is the feeling inside you now, is it affection, and Love? Your heart expresses itself as it builds.


My brothers, soon it will be Christmas, that little child will look at you from the manger of the Nativity, with a sweet smile he will tell you “Carry me in your heart all the time, protect me, help me, breathe with me, give me your sweetness by building a world of Peace and Love for me, in the need you feel inside me I represent humanity.


Brothers, I am an endless presence of the humanity in the world.


With the heart, with much Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


For Future Generations What You Are Leaving Behind For Future Generations was the Message dictated 18th December 2008


For Future Generations What You Are Leaving Behind For Future Generations


For Future Generations What You Are Leaving


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