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Merry Christmas My brothers Messages

Merry Christmas My brothers Messages to Humanity


Merry Christmas My brothers Messages : may my blessing descend upon you, in the name of the Father, of the Virgin Mary, of his child Jesus and of the Holy Spirit, may infinite Love descend upon you and grace your hearts, that are listening to me and are awaiting in the Holy Christmas for an opportunity to Love; loved brothers, loved sisters, your tradition dictates that Christmas is the day that more than any others is dedicated to affection, you meet with affection, you contact affection, you share with your affections the gifts that were donated, and you share with affection every sweet moment.


As you are busy with your preparations, you think inside your heart of this day and of the affection you have known, and you carry inside your heart a hope for joy, for relationships that will shine with light with your affection.


Your Christmas is first of all inside the heart, then it is in the reality.


You listen to so much sweetness, can you feel the thought of affection moving inside you? can you feel the sweet hope your heart is harboring to be in contact with Love? Parents, children, parents among themselves, friends, people important to you, and all those affections that are inside your hearts, can you feel how big is your desire to love those inside you in this precise moment?


This is the need of the heart, being in contact, celebrating being in Love, this is the moment where you feel you are a heart with the sole desire to express the affection it holds inside to others around it.


This Love, this affection, you have it inside you all the time, and Christmas day is the opportunity for you to communicate your affection to others.


Every Christmas there is sweetest communication, the celebration of Love is called Love.


For us brothers, witnessing your hearts the moment they exchange Love is a precious moment, it’s a gift for us to be able to see your hearts exchanging affection, Love, we watch the exchange of Love among hearts and we send Love toward you so that the light of Love can shine even brighter on earth.


My loved brothers, my loved sisters, let the Love of your hearts shine, embrace with your hearts, express the Love inside you with your smiles, bring affection with your sweet words, make your day the day of your heart, express yourselves in all of your affection, and your Christmas will be for you an example of how every day of your existence can actually be.


Merry Christmas with all of my heart


Your Brother Jesus Christ


And, with Love, Merry Christmas from the Father to you, sweet children who lead your existence on earth, my heart is always with you and my help is always upon you. Love, a world of Love, we are building together and it starts with your heart, with the light that is in you that always shines, the light that you carry and that expresses itself through Love, light up the Love inside you and you will be like stars every single day.


I kiss you with all my Love


The Father


And finally my words, the Virgin Mary for her children. I love you, know that I love truly each one of you, and I love you with all my heart and passion, you are all my children and my eternal passion.


Merry Christmas my loved ones, merry Christmas to your hearts.


The Virgin Mary, your Mother


Dear loved brothers, dear loved sisters, our Love is with you, Love is always with you.


Merry Christmas My brothers Messages to Humanity was the Message dictated 22nd December 2008


Merry Christmas My brothers Messages to Humanity


Merry Christmas My brothers Messages


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