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Message Of Wish For The New Year Messages

Message Of Wish For The New Year Messages To Humanity


Message Of Wish For The New Year Messages : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, in today’s message I would like to extend my wish for the New Year that is about to begin, may this be a messenger of Love, a year in the name of Love, and may it see your desires fulfilled in the Love; like many of you, these days we are watching helplessly the violence of the armed conflict; this violence is the result of years of unresolved violence, only truces, but what are the problems at the source? these problems create situations that are persistent and that are not yet resolved, and this is the experience that they keep passing on from generation to generation, an unresolved situation that continues to create new violence; these conflicts are destined by the human being to upset the world, until a possible solution with an effort to find peace may finally see everyone confront themselves in full view of the important unrest they created for everyone.


This is what’s important: taking ownership of the ill-being of all.


No solution will ever be found if the human being does not take the suffering of others upon himself.


Others, these other people, they are your brothers, they are situations that today bring this suffering to you too; conditions of life that makes you uncomfortable are in plain view; your brothers are bringing suffering to the heart, and many people are in contact with your own hearts. Brothers, sisters, do take charge of their suffering, help, listen, understand those lives thoroughly so your hearts may all feel equal among themselves and work together to bring about the change.


Feeling equal, this is the starting point.


Often life has brought suffering and pain into your hearts, you all have experience of pain inside the heart, and this is why you understand those who are suffering, and in your help is where you all feel like brothers, understand in the heart, not only in the mind, as you listen to emotions this is how you can create your contribution for that brother.


That brother, you are that brother, and when you help, you are helping yourselves, starting with your Love.


If you help by having in your heart the memory of your own suffering, a pain that makes you all equal, you can bring the necessary Love to quell that pain, as well as the possibility of a solution, as long as the change can allow for resolution.


This New Year begins, and inside every heart you can take the commitment to help those who are suffering, only from the heart can this effort become possible, and with all my heart I place hope in you that at the end of the year it will be a better world. A new year and a better world. And again, and again, and every New Year will bring an even better world. This is what an effort from the heart can bring.


And now for you, this year has gone by, and now it’s ending, what did you learn within Love? How many brothers have you helped this year? How many brothers have you listened to this year? Inside your heart the experience has grown considerably, let’s continue with the New Year applying all that you have understood, with the corrections to apply now, so that your Love can shine even more.


My wishes to you for the New Year


Your brother Jesus Christ


Message Of Wish For The New Year Messages To Humanity was the Message dictated 291th December 2008


Message Of Wish For The New Year Messages To Humanity


Message Of Wish For The New Year Messages


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