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Time For Love Awareness In The Heart Messages

Time For Love Awareness In The Heart Messages To Humanity


Time For Love Awareness In The Heart : sweet and loved brothers and sweet and loved sisters, let’s begin the New Year in the Love, the time is right, time for Love, through the time spelled by seconds, minutes, hours, there is the time for Love, for all of you the time for Love is the experience that you lead inside every day, every time you feel your heart mobilize for the other, and time for Love is what you are living now, mobilizing from inside, in a meeting, through the expression of words, of gestures, you are the ones who, inside your heart, make contact with the time that you are living, but as a contact with Love; this time is in the experience of your heart, it’s an experience of affection, it’s listening to your heart, it’s meaning in the affection that is felt inside the heart.


This is the precious time of your day. Time of Love. In this is the meaning of your entire experience.


Time is used when in the heart you build experiences with awareness; everything, every effort can be done with awareness in the heart, because an effort is to donate Love for those who receive your efforts, it could be yourselves, or people you love, or other people who you don’t even know yet, but to whom the effort is directed. The meaning of your day is intrinsic with your affection, to whom this affection goes.


Through this time you build an experience of what you have in the heart, of the affection that you feel, that you mobilize, of the intensity of the affection you feel, of the value of the affection you experience, you are building experience of yourselves as Love.


The same meaning of the contact is with your thought. Through your mobilized effort, the affection for the other who is present in your heart but not present physically will make you live the experience of the affection inside you, and in this experience, the heart, aware of itself, loves and fills with meaning this passing of minutes and hours in your day.


Through the time of Love, and the experience of affection mobilized inside you, you grow, in this listening of what speaks to you of what you are, of what you feel, you are progressing in the knowledge of yourselves, of your favorable points of your expression and of the points where you contract, you retreat, you fold up inside yourself, thus reducing your total expression from your heart.


This knowledge of the reasons you meet, becomes an understanding that often creates the definition of yourselves in that precise moment, and from this point, it often becomes a new stimulus to make that necessary change so that your expression can be more and more complete.


Through the experience you mature the concept in you, through the change you allow yourselves the freedom to express yourselves in what you are fully. And through this life what is rediscovered is the concept of yourselves as what you truly are.


Through these words, sweet and loved brothers and sweet and loved sisters, you rediscover the meaning that the brother communicates to you when he tells you “Place Love on top, in the first place, in the experience”, because the sweet meaning of life is only in the time of Love.


I embrace you with all my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Time For Love Awareness In The Heart Messages To Humanity was the Message dictated 8th January 2009


Time For Love Awareness In The Heart Messages To Humanity


Time For Love Awareness In The Heart


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