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Messages From Jesus Love Contact

Messages From Jesus Love Contact With Love


Messages From Jesus Love Contact : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, this day that is beginning is time of Love, as usual today you got up, you made your breakfast, you prepared yourselves for your commitments, many of you turned on the television and watched the world and registered the tragedies of brothers, and failures in the peace negotiations, and you watched other news which filled your heart with sadness and once you left your home your heart sent you this thought “the tragedy, this tragedy among brothers”, and in front of your eyes are the brothers who are with you, those whom you share your time with, your reality, and their selfishness, their aggression, this imposing themselves upon other brothers, in front of your eyes it told you “this is war, this war that every man leads against his own brothers”, an awakening, an awakening in the pain is what your watching represented.


And then you came to this website to seek me, in the message, seeking my words for today, and as soon as you started reading you found the ever present Love for you, and this put hope in your heart. And then other words expressed “Let’s begin this day in the time of Love”, and now we are talking to each other, and now for us the heart speaks before everything else. We are living our time of Love through these words. We, in this room, are talking, and our heart is happy. Right now we are a reality of Love, brother and sweet sister. And if you understand the message in its sweet meaning, you will feel your heart being with me in this very moment. I am in the experience of Love, like all your brothers around you are. Coexistence of selfishness and Love, simultaneity of Love and non-Love. This is the present time, this simultaneity, this is what today is, right here and now. However right now there is also change, and we are the ones changing, in our hearts. I see that you are listening to me, through these words


I am speaking, your eyes see through my eyes, registering simultaneity and change.


Brother, sisters, a moment is a moment in time, but in this time, as we speak, you understand how the moment is not fixed, eternal, it’s an instant, it’s now, and it’s thanks to our effort, to our commitment, that now we are building the next moment. I feel that sadness is perhaps leaving your heart, this is the moment, now with Love let’s continue our message.


Raise your eyes and look at your companions, did you manage to do that? Companions in front of your eyes, not strangers, or another  that occupies the world, but companions, everyone in their being is just like you, he matures experience and just like you he does not feel like a brother but a co-habitant of the world. Through this passage on earth, he gains experience of his heart just like you, he can have children, or a companion, or could be seeking one, he gained experience of life and this openness, or lack thereof, depends on the Love that he met, exactly like you, can you recall your past in a moment? Today you are also the product of this, but the difference in the heart is that you are seeking contact with Love because you feel inside yourself that Love is the truth and the rest are only difficulties. There is Love in the heart of everybody, but there is so much difficulty in front of you to live the Love of the heart.


Today, however, you are understanding that every moment, in every nanosecond, in every beat of the heart there is the hope to add the voice of the heart to this world.


I thank you for having listened to me, even if my voice is not strong, you heard me nonetheless, and together we have added hope from the heart to your world. You have brothers in front of you, you always have brothers in front of you, in front of your eyes, prepare yourself from the heart to always meet them as your brothers.


I embrace you with joy


Your brother Jesus Christ


Messages From Jesus Love Contact With Love was the Message dictated 12th January 2009


Messages From Jesus Love Contact With Love


Messages From Jesus Love Contact


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