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From the Heart The Emotions Of The Heart

From the Heart The Emotions Of The Heart Messages


From the Heart The Emotions Of The Heart : my loved brothers, my loved sisters, today let’s talk about the heart, many events send you specific emotions, among these the most important ones are related to Love; over the course of time all of you have experienced listening to the emotions of the heart, that happiness that exploded inside you, you just need to remember these moments to feel inside the heart that joy that used to fill your heart completely; when you are happy, you represent this very intense emotion, it’s what you are.


Over the course of time your heart registered deaths, people you left, people with whom a story ended, a disagreement that ended a relationship, they left pain and an emotion of sadness in your heart; when you are unhappy, you represent this.


And again over the course of time you felt inside you that your heart was involved in a project that is not completed, a new experience of work, and always with your heart in the joy, that desire for fulfillment, that waiting so charged with dreams of realization; this is what you are when you feel hope.


Love, this feeling represented your heart hearing your Love, mobilized in the happiness, contracted in times of pain, rich with dreams in times of hope. This is the experience of yourselves, of your Love, and today as we talk again about it, the memories turn to your mind and say “It’s really in this feeling that I recognize myself, it’s in what I feel that I see my being, it’s in this that I feel my life, my discovery, it’s through this heart that I make an experience of who I am”.


In front of my eyes I have my life, my affection, my commitments, my contacts, all those people around me, all those people in the world that I hear speaking, I am in the center of al this, what I feel in my heart is at the center of all this. As I listen to my heart I make contact with myself, with what I am, there is the definition in what I hear from my heart.


My heart is always in action, every second it registers an emotion, and consequently my definition happens second after second.


It’s therefore only necessary to listen to myself, and in front of me I will have who I am.


Everything I hear speaks of me, in the truth, in what I am in the truth.


My loved brothers, my loved sisters, remember, in the heart there is only truth, listening to yourselves in the heart means making contact with your truth.


A sweet effort, make sure your eyes and ears can hear your truth.


I embrace you in Love.


Your brother Jesus Christ


From the Heart The Emotions Of The Heart was the Message dictated 15th January 2009


From the Heart The Emotions Of The Heart Messages


From the Heart The Emotions Of The Heart


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