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Listening To the Heart Awareness

Listening To the Heart Awareness Of The Love


Listening To the Heart Awareness : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, listening to the heart, to the emotions that present themselves inside you, they speak to you, they communicate with you, they tell you what your heart feels in that precise moment; as you listen you bring your emotions and their meaning into significance, in front of you there is the heart talking to you, it expresses your Love, it expresses itself in the Love, and it expresses itself about Love.


So many moments in front of the brothers that were manifesting Love among brothers, for a child, this is what your own feeling responded to, as it felt inside the recognition in this exchange of Love.


And during these moments you picked up so in so many instances the Love not completely manifested toward brothers or children.


And you felt so much pain as you picked up the gesture as well as in the words aggression, denied Love to a child, to other brothers.


This is what your heart registers inside you, every moment in front of you registers the Love just as much as it registers lack of Love.


As you listen to yourselves in this awareness of the Love expressed by others, and you would like to speak in many, many moments, and help transmit from the heart everything that is contained in life, because a child is first of all a sweet Love and a companion, a friend is first of all a choice of Love and all those brothers who accompany your life are first of all a heart that, just like you, is building experience of itself.


In this act of listening to what I am expressing to you, you recognize the truth, communicated to all of you every moment from your heart. But do you really always manage to never miss this look from those people who are co sharing this existence with you? You can cement this as you listen to your heart. The affection you feel for those eyes, for that sweet child, for that companion, that friend, for all people, it resides inside you, they all face life in all it’s conditions, just like you. In front of your eyes are their hearts, letting Love come out will be a continuous experience in you, and a continuous experience of yourselves.


Feel it inside your heart, can you feel this emotion? It’s hope that precedes the peace that you could sweetly feel as you are in your heart forever in contact of Love with others, it’s a need, can you feel it? Being a brother in the Love, in front of your heart the need to achieve complete harmony in being Love expresses itself. It’s a need you feel that is born inside you from this great Love that exists in each one of you.


And now listen, as you listen to my words, listen to your heart, and here comes the surprise, the contact with a need that is always inside you, the need for life, for existence, for a relationship of peace, of harmony, of Love.


And as I told you, to build it, to solidify it, to reach this sweetest objective, it’s wise to always proceed in full attention of the heart, of the meaning of those eyes for you, of the meaning of a sweet choice, and proceeding from there to the communication from a heart to another.


I embrace you with love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Listening To the Heart Awareness Of The Love was the Message dictated 109th January 2009


Listening To the Heart Awareness Of The Love


Listening To the Heart Awareness


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