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The Spirit The Light Of The Heart Experience

The Spirit The Light Of The Heart Experience Of Your Spirit


The Spirit The Light Of The Heart Experience : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, I am always with you, sharing life with you, looking with you at life on earth and always with you is my sweet commitment; my loved brothers, my loved sisters, if you could see how luminous your hearts are as you listen to me, inside every word from me is the brother that represents you and the Sky and the Love that surrounds you at all times, I am with you, my heart is talking to you, my Love, it’s inside me just like you have your great Love in you.


Being on earth is a journey of rediscovery, through the materialism, of what you already contain in the Spirit, it’s the Spirit that you carry from the Sky inside your physical body, and it’s through your body that you experiment your Spirit, through your emotions, the Love from which the Spirit is made.


Spirit involves the emotions in the recognition of all the Love that is manifested to you and it’s Love in your eyes, or it’s also Love in the eyes that are looking at you.


And then the light is turned on, the light of the heart, in front of the Love manifested. Your eyes light up, the eyes that are looking at you light up. In those moments you enter into the emotions and nothing else exists, other than your heart. As you feel all heart, you build experience. This heart that remembers the words of love, the sweetness that can come from the heart, being predisposed toward Love, existing in time of Love, consulting your heart, being in a moment with your heart, all this is also coming from the heart and illuminates the eyes.


Your hearts are like breaths of air that live in the Love, they are flashes of your possibilities that these hearts are living in the Love, they are little flames that come from the heart and illuminate the horizons of the many brothers who are seeking Love.


In those eyes is all this, and it comes from the single heart in the moment of Love.


All this is what you are in a moment of Love, you are light from the heart and breath, and glare and small flame, you are heart, you are Love.


How nice it is to sweetly feel that you are a heart…. Not thinking in that moment of anything else other than being a heart …. gaining experience of yourselves, of your Spirit …. you are love and, as you get to know yourselves, you light up.


And the heart waits to gain experience of itself and then it just needs a moment and suddenly there is an explosion of light in the heart, a moment of love and the light is in your eyes.


Brothers, sisters, I entrust your hearts to you, make them shine upon the whole earth.


With all my light


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Spirit The Light Of The Heart Experience Of Your Spirit was the Message dictated 26th January 2009


The Spirit The Light Of The Heart Experience Of Your Spirit


The Spirit The Light Of The Heart Experience


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