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The Moment Of Existence On Earth

The Moment Of Existence On Earth Love Is Around You


The Moment Of Existence On Earth : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, together with you, in this journey that is the moment of existence on earth; all of you decided to undertake this journey by bringing a project with you from Heaven, with the intention of overcoming the shortcomings you recognize in yourselves, shortcomings in your Love, the time has come to descend, and once you leave Heaven, here you are, alone among your brothers, facing yourselves and your desires.


Not a long time passes by and your difficulty shows its face to you, and you ask Heaven for help. Here you are, alone, looking toward the Heaven, hoping you will be heard, with your eyes looking into the blue, you seek those rays for an answer, those rays that can communicate a “I am coming, my child”. And there is always hope in the heart. Light up the hope and wait.


Often many of you turn this moment of waiting into a moment of calm, a moment of listening to the heart, calm in the mind, and listening to this tranquility, they suddenly have an intuition, a thought that crosses their minds, an emotion that pervades the heart, bringing comfort or sweetness. And the answer has arrived. And yes, in the calm, the answer communicated to you can be heard.


This is how you establish communication: with calm.


Sometimes it’s difficult to be calm, isn’t’ it brothers? Sometimes it’s difficult to believe that for every brother who asks to the Sky for help there will be an answer, isn’t’ it brothers? But Heaven answers in the calm that you carve out for yourselves. This is the direct communication that the Sky makes with your heart.


Nevertheless, sometimes it seems impossible to be able to listen so directly, isn’t’ it true brothers? Is this why you choose to run instead of seeking the calm inside you?


Do you think that your problem in your lives must be faced by yourselves alone only?


Right next to you there are Angels, Guides, people you love, and today in the Spirit, there is all the Love that surrounds you with every step you take; do you think that for us your existence on earth is without its perils? Without problems? Without obstacles? You dot not have messages from the eyes, you are unaware of how much moves around you, your eyes do not perceive the Love that is around you, but as always, the eyes do not send you the truth, you can see the truth from your heart, the presence, the ability to discern a testimonial of the Love around you belongs to the heart.


My loved brothers, my loved sisters, today my help for you is help with the words dictated, it’s listening and understanding, but you all know where you can find me, I am inside your heart talking to you, in the silence, in the calm, listen for me there.


Forever for you, for each one of you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Moment Of Existence On Earth Love Is Around You was the Message from the Sky 29th January 2009


The Moment Of Existence On Earth Love Is Around You


The Moment Of Existence On Earth


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