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I Believe I Believe In Love

I Believe I Believe In Love The Rediscovery Of The Love Inside You


I Believe I Believe In Love : my precious brothers, my precious sisters, the long journey of life on earth is a moment for you, of your life as a Soul that resides in the sky and that is conducting its experience on earth, and experience of itself, in its recognition; today my brother, you can notice all those people on earth, you can notice nature, every thing that surrounds you, your cities, the inventions of mankind, natural events, and also all problems and disasters that manifest.


You all went to school, thanks to culture you understand and read and write and ask yourselves questions.


How many questions you have inside, and the most important ones are always the same ones “Who am I? I am the product of this earth, created from nothing, or am I pre-dating all this?”


This is what you ask yourselves.


And you see all around you and you discover that this same question is in the heart of everybody.


And you look, religions and believers, are they all deluded or perhaps they found the answer?


You get closer, so many answers, “I believe” and this is the answer from your brothers, “I believe in the Writings, in the many messages sent to us over time to the prophets, to the pinnacles of our religions’, “I believe because I asked and received an intervention”, “I believe because other brothers have witnessed miracles”, “I participate to the Church because I glimpsed in my life something of much greater meaning than the simple surviving”, and many other answers, but “I believe” is the answer from everyone.


And so you ask yourselves “How can I believe?”. There are many stories available to you, and every time you look for them, a new awareness opens up in front of you, there are many people in contact with the sky and there is much talk of Love, as if up until now we have built experience of Love. On earth we are building an experience of Love. As soon as the eyes remember, they notice that the personal experience has matured in the Love, Love was harvested from every experience, Love received, donated, the brothers, the affection from those brothers is full of memories and even now, looking back, in the heart come up the emotions you felt and you notice that you relive them in the memory you are recalling, you discover that they are indelible, this affection is always with us, this Love you felt.


As you question yourselves, you notice that Love was guiding all along, making notes, delineating your path. “Can this Love be the fruit of this journey on earth?”, you ask yourselves, and still seeking, you notice that the word “Love” is the common denominator of all religions, the Love inside you that must be conquered and the prophets and the many examples of brothers who are admired, adored, by those religions, they are examples of Love. Moreover, there is talk of Love in the religions and Love is what descends upon you from the Sky and there is movement from the Sky to the earth and it’s in the word “Love”, and there is movement from the earth to the Sky and it’s always in the word “Love”.


And now you notice that, after all, that “I believe” is “I believe in Love”.


And those days spent asking yourselves this same thing led you to think “I believe in Love”. It is a good reason to ask yourselves one more question “Am I Love?” Inside the heart the road finally opens up, “Could it be that I am Love in my Being?”. If I look at my memories, I would say that yes, they are memories of affection, of the affection donated, memories of affection received in the heart of the other, but what do I feel? And thus starts an observation of what the heart feels; occasions as you live life, events, and I feel my heart express itself in those moments, and I feel sweetness filling me up and it’s an occasion for joy where I feel like flying, I discover myself in all of my emotion and the happiness when my Love is what is being given through my actions and what I am discovering in this feeling a heart, it’s the right thing for life, in the love that flows within me, in the Love that fills me up, in this beautiful emotion that instills life in me each time I feel it.


The journey has been long, through the discovery of my heart, today a happy heart, I can declare for myself “I believe in love because it’s inside me and inside others; I am in the feeling, I am in this Love, I am my heart, I am this Love that I feel”. And I look at the sky and I await a confirmation “Is my only Father in the sky?”, and the Sky replied “It’s inside you, it’s inside me, Love”.


My loved brothers, my loved sisters, this is the road you are all traveling, everyone on earth, rediscover the Being Love that you have been carrying with you from this Sky to your earth, rediscover being a child, a child of Love, through the rediscovery of the Love inside you, the rediscovery of the Love inside yourselves will bring you to the truth: I am Love.


I embrace you my brothers, my sisters, with all of the Love that I feel inside me, with all of myself.


Your brother Jesus Christ


I Believe I Believe In Love The Rediscovery Of The Love Inside You was the Message from Jesus Christ 02nd February 2009



I Believe I Believe In Love The Rediscovery Of The Love Inside You


I Believe I Believe In Love


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