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The Words Of Jesus Life Of The Heart

The Words Of Jesus Life Of The Heart Life Of Your Heart


The Words Of Jesus Life Of The Heart : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, life, as you go through your experience you encounter problems, conflicts, sometimes calamities and pain, this is life, and your life continues on through this experience with questions, with insecurities, it continues on by looking at itself and the hearts around it, and it’s in these moments that you look at all of us here in the Sky and you ask us “And now what?” and in the Sky this question from your heart is always welcomed, “and now we come to you to help you, to surround you with hope, feed your heart with Love, help you understand, help you see through the eyes of the heart, encourage your Love to be yourself even during those moments of darkness, even in the pain, even during suffering”.


We are that voice that puts hope inside you, we are always that smile inside the heart that tells you that everything is going to be fine, and it’s us again when that voice tells you to go to your brother and seek Love, don’t stay there alone, your heart needs your brothers, we will help you as much as possible’.


This is what is in the heart. And this is what we repeat to the heart when we invite you to listen to us. This is in the heart until the moment you listen to your heart and you mobilize to your body”.


”And now what?” your heart asks  “And now let’s move on, let’s seek Love, let’s feel other hearts, those who love will help us, contact us, with the contact with others slowly slowly clarity will reach us, so many of our problems resided inside other people’s existences, many brothers have good advice for us, and those who have lived those situations have experience of themselves, of what they felt, of how they reacted, experience of the consequences and perhaps the result can be good, or perhaps the road to take is a different one. As you listen to them you consult with your heart “Could this be my road?”, “Let’s see, do you feel inside that this intervention represents you? Do you feel your Love mobilize toward this intervention? Do you feel yourself calm and steady on your feet, on your gait? This is your life, your existence, your freedom of choice, freewill, but if inside the heart your feel your Love mobilizing and you feel you are proceeding with self respect, this journey will be exactly yours: and so the journey begins, the journey of your heart through your experience.


“Are you still with me?” your heart asks us “As always, how could we ever abandon a heart that is going through a path of Love? With you, always, in our eyes we proceed, and while you listen to us, do you feel the joy inside you as you walk toward experimenting Love? Love is joy, in you and in all of us, your heart is precious, for you and for all of us, and so as we proceed, here we are experimenting together emotions of Love and this is the journey that unites all of us to you”.


Here, it’s gone, we have faced a dark moment together, now finally the light can be seen, it’s time to say goodbye “Loved one, treasure your journey, your journey all united, your heart with our hearts, shorten the different between you and the Sky, we are with you”.


My loved brothers, my loved sisters, this is our path with you through life, precious life, life of the heart, life of your heart. Within respect, within freedom, comes our help.


With all of my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Words Of Jesus Life Of The Heart Life Of Your Heart was the Message from Jesus Christ 5th February 2009



The Words Of Jesus Life Of The Heart Life Of Your Heart


The Words Of Jesus Life Of The Heart


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