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Why Does Death Exist

Why Does Death Exist The Moment Of Death Passage


Why Does Death Exist : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, continuing your life on earth, you encounter moments where life defines that moment, the death of loved ones, so much pain in the heart. It could be a brother, it could be your own child, or your parent, with death you get in contact, the pain brings you to think of being abandoned, “now he is not here any more”, “death took him away from me forever”, “why this death?” you ask yourselves “why does death exist?”; my loved brothers, my loved sisters, your passage on earth knows a sunrise, and knows a sunset and you live in the day and there is a moment where you see a sunrise and there is also a time where you see a sunset, but this day that sees you on earth is your own experience; it can be a long journey or a long existence, for your time, or it can be too short, but every moment you lived is experience; the heart lives the experience, you bring with you on earth projects to carry on, sometimes very difficult ones, sometimes, however, your heart, in being itself, concludes it’s program within a very short time, or sometimes this program includes a period on earth and then contact from the Sky to complete your own program.


Our dimensions are both a moment of experience, carried out on earth in the absence of vision, and in the Sky, carried out while in sight of the truth. No Soul knows death, only a passage through the experience of the vision. A passage from you in the dark, to us in the light.


This for you was a moment of death, for the Soul leaving earth is the passage from an existence in the dark to an existence in the light. It’s the passage of a heart that has existed from the impossibility of seeing to the sweet truth of vision.


Passage, what the Soul does through our dimensions is always and only a passage.


Life is always a moment of pain, this is the same for everyone, for those who leave and for those who are left on earth, pain from the absence of contact, of that smile, of that body you embraced, nostalgia for every moment spent together, and reproach at the thought that we could have donated so much more in the affection. This is what you live inside yourselves, the loss, this is in the Soul that meets the light. This is the heart that feels the impossibility to exchange Love again, full of pain.


If you could see how many flashes of Love you constantly exchange among all of your hearts, you would think of the Sky as being constantly celebrating.


Love exchanged in thought, in a prayer you recited, in a moment of memories, and even in a moment of crying, it’s all Love exchanged between your hearts. A lightning bolt of Love that rises and goes down, constantly.


In death there is always the thought of vision, of the world that welcomes us, of the world of love, the world of light, and you seek this vision. Often you erase it, making it impossible for yourselves to know. Often the timing is not right, so you stay in your pain. But often the pain opens up with the contact with the light, with the research, with the vision that you then meet.


My loved ones, my sweet sisters, with these words about our dimension I would like to transmit to you that the journey of a Soul will always be a passage through the vision, through the eyes the vision in the Sky and through the hearts the vision on earth.


The contact with your loved ones is always in the heart, the contact with us is always in the heart, and again always in the heart the truth knows moments of contact that make the vision accessible.


I embrace you with all of my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ



Why Does Death Exist The Moment Of Death Passage was the Message from Jesus Christ 9th February 2009



Why Does Death Exist The Moment Of Death Passage


Why Does Death Exist


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