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Incarnation On Earth The Full Realization

Incarnation On Earth The Full Realization Of Your Heart


Incarnation On Earth The Full Realization : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, the experience that sees you on earth is all coming from the heart, the feelings are everything. In life everything that has happened, everything that is happening now and everything that will happen tomorrow will constitute your experience of feelings.


In your experience, in every single experience, you are experimenting your heart, just like in this very precise moment you are listening to me as I speak to you, this is bringing you experience of my Love and of how your heart reacts to my Love, it’s every moment, in every condition.


You see, my brothers, when you turn your attention to your heart, to your feelings, you can experiment this yourselves, you, who are currently living this incarnation on earth. In the feeling you are experiencing at that moment, in that instant, you are absorbing information about your own being, you define yourselves through this very knowledge.


In the heart there is an immensity of emotions that speak of you every moment of the day, and as you listen to this you are making contact with your real essence.


You may find yourselves proud for a creature of yours, or for a project that you fulfilled, you may find yourselves proud for having taken certain decisions or for dedicating yourselves to others with passion; you may find yourselves appreciating life for the people that you have conquered next to you or for every moment of a relationship of Love that you shared; do you notice this feeling? This is your Love, speaking to you from inside your heart.


Now you think that this happiness, experimenting pride in your feelings, is the result of all of those moments where you felt that the Love activated inside you brought you towards others. And if today you are the incarnation of joy, it’s because of all those sweet moments that you have carried from your heart, with Love, to others; the Love you are experimenting brought you, over time, to the definition of you as joy.


How is it possible to love in so many different conditions? You ask me this from your heart.


You are experimenting exactly this, my brothers and sisters, in your lives. Through every single moment, listening to your heart can allow you to recognize the shapes of your feeling activated inside you; as you welcome an emotion, regardless of the emotion, you are in contact with your interior, you are right inside your heart, and in your emotion you are listening to your heart as it speaks to you, as you seek to hear it you often discover that pain brings you to compress your heart, or, on the contrary, your serenity makes your Love expand. Listen to your serenity.


And so here is, therefore, the problem, what element truly robs you of your serenity? Now we just need to tackle this issue, the element that is disturbing you can be communicated as an element of the problem that is shrinking your love inside you, blocking you from living it as you would have wanted to. In your communication you feel the following emotion in your heart, and once again welcoming of your emotion, and once again listening to the Love inside you if there is another new problem, it could be with the other or it could be with you, so face it. And you will acquire new experience and new knowledge. This is how those moments are built, where joy and pride will define you.


If you look at your existence through the eyes of Love, you will discover the universe of Love inside you, you will discover that you can only experience true fulfillment in the realization of your Love, in the full realization of your heart. This discovery and the new discovery, the realization never ends, the expression of Love is endless.


With Love I embrace you


Your brother Jesus Christ


Incarnation On Earth The Full Realization Of Your Heart was the Messages from Jesus Christ 19th February 2009



Incarnation On Earth The Full Realization Of Your Heart


Incarnation On Earth The Full Realization


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