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Contact From The Heart A Heart Experiments

Contact From The Heart A Heart Experiments Itself Messages


Contact From The Heart A Heart Experiments Itself : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, today we will continue with our life, let’s continue with our journey, we are experimenting our hearts; look around you brothers, just like our eyes, your eyes are looking around, the shopping, the road, work, but it’s behind those eyes that a heart experiments itself.


The eyes send you a need for contact, life is always so difficult, life is often in solitude, life of brothers who know problems, this humanity that seeks a contact from the heart with his own brothers, and in his own eyes they are looking around, seeking.


Today brothers, sisters, do welcome those seeking eyes, multitudes of situations, but try, my loved ones, to pick that look and give out a sign from your heart that you are together. Just like you are seeking this humanity that moves around you, so those eyes are looking for the same. Being brothers is an experience that you can make in every moment by catching someone’s gaze, welcoming their need and giving voice to your heart.


And so in that moment the heart is expression.


What are you feeling in this contact? This is the expression of your heart, do you feel a profound affection for this creature? Is it perhaps tenderness? Is it happiness that you carry in your heart? Is it also worry what you are discovering inside you? Is it help that you feel like bringing? Is it perhaps sweetness?


This thing talking to you about Love is the heart that you are discovering, your humanity; register this moment, the two of you chose in complete freedom to cross gazes, and in the expression of the heart you discovered your own humanity.


And now how do you feel? This experience that taught you about yourselves, you experimented yourselves, are you satisfied with what you felt? Did you feel your love expand, or did you sense a difficulty in just being yourselves? It could be your very first time that you cross gazes, that you welcome a look and that you speak from your heart to another, it could be your humanity in a contracted state that is not giving you full satisfaction, however you just need to repeat the experience for your humanity to be the full expression of your heart.


And in the meantime you experiment, you experiment your own heart.


This is the experience that today I invite you to do from the heart, to gain experience of yourselves from your heart, experiment yourselves in your own being.


Experiment growth from the heart, as you expand your Love.


In the meantime I embrace you with all of my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Contact From The Heart A Heart Experiments Itself was the Message from Jesus Christ 23rd February 2009


Contact From The Heart A Heart Experiments Itself Messages


Contact From The Heart A Heart Experiments Itself


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