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Spirituality Rediscovery Of What You Truly

Spirituality Rediscovery Of What You Truly Are Messages


Spirituality Rediscovery Of What You Truly : my loved brothers, my loved sisters, from the Sky for you is the word that can only come from Love, you see, my brothers, for the eyes that do not know the truth, the words that are dictated, the text, the font used, it’s entering into your own materialism and bringing a concrete, tangible sign of so much Love that we send you from our hearts; through the script we explain the reality of Love in our dimensions, through the experience we invite you to always make more and more contact with your own hearts, with all the Love that you have inside you, we invite you to experiment yourselves in what you are, to notice that this journey you are taking on earth is a journey of rediscovery of yourselves as Love; being on earth, in contact with materialism as well as with your Spirit, this Spirituality is what you rediscover through every message, and the heart that more and more speaks to you places inside you the reality of what you really are.


This is a message for you: possibility of rediscovery of what you truly are.


Much of the time we take to dictate is spent thinking of how to help you evolve on this road of rediscovery. There is a time inside your daily lives, where you can stop and place your heart at the center of those moments, and to continue on your journey which is what gives meaning to your lives.


Taking advantage of this to experiment yourselves is another moment in which you live your intense life, feeling inside the heart your life as your project of rediscovery.


For you we propose experiences, for you we propose vision, for you we propose attention to the inside of your own emotions, as you feel what you are inside, and once again for you we propose messages about our own knowledge to help you overcome what your physical existence can not pick up about the reality that exists around and your reality.


You see, brothers, how everything in this message was for you? We in the Sky have full awareness, with our eyes we see, with our hearts we feel, and all that we express is Love, what we are and even inside the other person’s heart we can see and feel the multitude in your feelings. For you my brothers, this is knowledge that the eyes can not give you, and this help is for you, every effort from us is for your help, every single second for us is for you, our effort to help you.


A world of Love extending out to help you, this is our Sky.


Today I embrace all of you with all of my tenderness, my brothers.


Your brother Jesus Christ



Spirituality Rediscovery Of What You Truly Are Messages was the Messages of Jesus Christ 26th February 2009



Spirituality Rediscovery Of What You Truly Are Messages


Spirituality Rediscovery Of What You Truly


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