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Life From The Heart How Days Are Transformed

Life From The Heart How Days Are Transformed Messages


Life From The Heart How Days Are Transformed : my sweet and loved brothers and sweet and loved sisters, in your world you certainly meet things that are not an expression of Love, every day something happens that is the opposite of what you would like to see; for many, the day begins with going to work, brothers in contact with many others next to you, in your cars, at your work place, on the bus, there are really many of them, but silence is king and many times you get pushed around and there are many other manifestations of non-respect, for you, for others, and you see all this every morning.


The day begins, chores, jobs, and while you work, many other brothers also do their tasks and once again silence is there, and even in communications people only talk about their own tasks.


The day ended, you return home, and for many of you this is the time when affection returns. But often even at home there are problems, financially there are the various necessities, the commitment to the mortgage, what the children need, and you spend much of your time talking about your financial commitment. After that you relax, and that marks the beginning of the expression of your affection, of your Love. Then slowly slowly you fall asleep and then the alarm rings and you start all over again.


Brothers, in your entire day you end up only spending a few moments of true life, a few moments of affection, of life from the heart. And you end up locking yourselves behind those few moments of life.


This is allowed to you when, as you look around, you see other human beings in movement, not the hearts of your brothers.


And if you met Love?


Many brothers are just waiting for help, for your help to be able to express themselves.


Do you remember that sweet serenity when your day is ending? Your days could begin with that same sweet serenity, a smile to your children, a smile to your companion, a good day from the heart and at breakfast a compliment to begin your day, and then a goodbye to make an appointment from the heart for the time you will be together again. And here you are, the breakfast becomes a moment of life, life for you, from the heart.


And here you are again, on the road, the usual smart drivers, but look at the behavior of other drivers, those who have the same respect, just like you, look at each other, smile, with that understanding that only few people have, and exchange a few words or a gesture of sympathy for having bumped into each other. And once again it is life from the heart for you.


And here you are at work, your effort, the meaning of your effort, where does your job lead to? Who is the recipient? Brothers? And this is how Love can place additional meaning into your actions. I do it for you brothers, you call each other by name, the effort is for you, and here too you experiment your life from your heart.


Your colleagues, a smile, working in a brotherly way, openly, with kindness, with respect, a “how are you?” said from the heart, and here you are experimenting in a different way your chores and once again you experiment this life from the heart.


And once again you are home, sweetness at the meeting, inside your heart this is the meeting with those you love, “how was school”, how was our day, did you see so and so, what did he say, what impression did you get, how can I help you” and the time you just spent communicating adds to the strength of Love of your relationship.


And now comes the most awaited time, that calm that precedes the time before falling asleep. You just need a moment to think of your own day. Satisfied, do I feel satisfied with myself, with how I spent my day from the heart? What impression did that day leave? In Being Love I feel my life being more full, today I built some peace around me and I feel my own heart being nourished from the experience of my living from my heart. Tomorrow will be another day to live for my heart, I will vow to do the same tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.


Loved brothers, loved sisters, and here how your days are transformed, your life, and it’s meaning is the expression of your feeling.


With all of my Love I am with you


Your brother Jesus Christ



Life From The Heart How Your Days Are Transformed was the Messages from Jesus Christ 5th March 2009


Life From The Heart How Your Days Are Transformed Messages


Life From The Heart How Your Days Are Transformed


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