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Women Creatures Of The Sky

Women Creatures Of The Sky The Words Of Jesus For Women


Women Creatures Of The Sky : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, your special day just passed, did you celebrate 8 March? I celebrated for you, for every woman, creature of the Sky with her commitments, with her many responsibilities, dictated by the Love for others, and I celebrated your every moment also for the Love that you have inside for yourselves; go ahead and love, my advice, many of those problems you need to face and for many of you also the time for your work, and being yourselves, sometimes is not simple; and I celebrated every woman creature of the Sky that has met with violence, in the body, in the heart, in the Spirit, I celebrated that life that has known pain but that from her heart draws the strength to life, and I celebrated all women creatures of the Sky that while being women are helping all men to feel equal in the respect, equal in the commitment of society, equal in the values, equal in all needs, equal in your dignity.


Women creatures of the Sky who face with great responsibility the life that is born from their womb and who feel inside the responsibility to raise a child, bringing him up within Love.


I celebrated through women the life and Love.


I come to all of you with a wish: may every man find again in you his companion in the house, in the education, in the effort for work, a companion in making decisions, in discussions, in deciding what is good for everybody, occasion for equality in being with your own companion.


And now it’s for you, my brothers, that I am speaking: being in the right can only come from facing the people who face life starting from their own feelings, being right comes from facing those who express their needs from the heart; even being considered comes from facing a heart who receives respect; I know, you seek Love, but only from learning from a heart that puts Love in first place will you be able to find your fulfilled Love in a child or in any other person. Love is inside you, learn the right sexuality from women,  it’s not an effort, it’s a discovery of a world that is more rich, that starts from emotions, to enrich you, to give you contact with the Love that never stops, continuity and richness in the experience, this is the companion who is with you. Love her every day, because every day there is a reason to love her. Look at your female companion, who every day would like to give you a smile with which to color the life of Love, there is much to learn from a woman who knows how to love. And sh

e is with you, next to you.


My sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, I embrace you with all of my heart, in one single embrace that will finally make you meet.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Women Creatures Of The Sky The Words Of Jesus For Women was the Messages from Jesus Christ 9th March 2009


Women Creatures Of The Sky The Words Of Jesus For Women


Women Creatures Of The Sky


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