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To Face Life The Best Attitude To Face Life

To Face Life The Best Attitude To Face Life To Treasure From The New


To Face Life The Best Attitude To Face Life : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, let’s look around us, many of you meet on the street, they may ask us for help, they may be next to you while they wait, in their cars, at a desk somewhere, shopping, how many stories behind those faces, just like you they were born and they have known arms that took care of their needs, like you, when they grew up, they have known dreams and they experienced pain and joy, just like all of you they have known other human beings and through them, other experiences which have formed them into what they are now,  from their opinions, to their values, to how to go through their lives, how to look at the Sky and even how  to hold themselves in front of others, this is what they learned over time.


Time has passed since they knew life on earth and now today they are the product of the outcome of their experience that they had during that time. And the entire story is concentrated in that face. Nobody is free from the experience that formed them. The story you lived is what you expect from life. For those who suffered a lot, life is suffering and waiting to suffer. For those who have known disappointment, life is a source of disappointment and waiting for other disappointments. Fervent passion that was not returned, and life transformed into this passion that will never be returned, and so it means waiting fro more pain.


This is the life in the face of our brothers, life is not free from the experience, but it’s conditioned by what you have lived.


And you, brothers, sisters, who have built other experiences from your lives, and who are conditioned in a different way, you do not understand this, and you ask yourselves many “why’s" about Love that is not returned as much as it could be, on the enthusiasm that is dimmed, on availability that sometimes is refused, on the Sky that is reneged, on selfishness that leaves its imprint everywhere.


For those of you who feel the Soul, do pick up the possible freedom to live for every heart, but often what has been in the control of the mind makes that brother close up inside himself, including his unheeded feelings.


And for those of you who have always known hope in your lives, even in the precise limits that the conditions around you placed on to yourselves, with renewed hope, do face the experience, and as opposed to these brothers, give yourselves more freedom to see if the dreams of your lives will be fulfilled.


In your lives you listen to all of your brothers, and you turn to yourselves for the many questions that you would like to ask them about limits, about conditioning factors that you see emerge, and as you answer them you answer to yourselves, conquering more and more freedom in front on life. Do not take anything for granted, and live your life in your experience, live with your heart open to listen, live in the precious novelty of what is about to present itself to you. There will always be reasons to learn, to understand better, the experience you mature is a treasure if it helps you understand even more, but what is about to happen in front of you is a completely new experience.


This is the best attitude to face life, the desire to treasure from the new.


Conquering freedom is like being more like yourselves, in what is your essence and not in the conditioning factors around you.


I embrace you with all of my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


To Face Life The Best Attitude To Face Life To Treasure From The New was the Messages from Jesus Christ 12th March 2009


To Face Life The Best Attitude To Face Life To Treasure From The New


To Face Life The Best Attitude To Face Life


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