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The Passion In The Heart Love Is

The Passion In The Heart Love Is Teaching And Experience


The Passion In The Heart Love Is : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, for you life is experience, through these moments you experiment your hearts and at the same time you gain knowledge of your other brothers, the Love that is in you and in your other brothers is in what you experiment, experiment this way in the many moments that correspond to life what comes from the heart, this, Love, is what you experiment in life and when you return to Paradise, this will be your baggage of experience that you will bring with you.


Through the many moments of life, you think of the precious teaching that comes from every meeting with your brothers, Love with Love is teaching and experience for all of you.


Transmission of experience is what you bring to others with every new contact. The experience matured inside you, from your heart, becomes the basis for the new contact that in that moment gathers experience for himself by meeting other hearts.


This is life, gathering experience through those moments.


This is possible for each one of you if you welcome life within freedom, in the possibility for new, for experience of enrichment that brings a contact with it.


You do not need to be reminded that life in the events knows many moments, and it’s not always serenity and joy, I know that you contemplate freedom as a synonym of serenity, but this is only an illusion, because you constantly experiment in the pain like in the joy, and like it is in serenity, everything is relative to the moment that it is being lived, in the joy like in the pain, every contact is a source of your experience, and you give freedom to yourselves in the pain, exactly like you would express yourselves in the joy. For this I speak to you of illusion, because you are yourselves in every moment of your life. Sometimes you justify with the events the freedom that you give to yourselves, this is understandable in some moments, but then you are the ones who are bringing yourselves to others in that experience.


And the experience continues through moments of joy, of pain, of serenity, in every moment you make experience of your heart and of the heart of the other person. And you even bring passion in life, because with every meeting, if you give freedom to your heart to express itself, you will also feel inside you the precious desire to be in contact with the world of Love that is represented in the full expression of yourselves and the full expression of the other heart.


This is what you seek with every moment, with every contact, the full expression of what is felt inside your hearts.


You bring with you this passion is the expression of yourselves. The passion, and it’s through the passion that you have contact and discovery of yourselves, and contact and discovery of the other heart. This passion is the element of great possibility that is inside the hearts of each one of us, passion that is a forming element of Love, in the passion you love, in the sweet Love there is always passion.


I say goodbye and I leave you to life, to your experimenting, to your feeling yourselves in the freedom of your heart.


Passion, infinite passion is what’s inside me for our meeting.


I embrace you with Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Passion In The Heart Love Is Teaching And Experience was the Messages from Jesus Christ 16th March 2009


The Passion In The Heart Love Is Teaching And Experience


The Passion In The Heart Love Is


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