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Father’s Day Being A Father Today

Father’s Day Being A Father Today A Father Example Of Love


Father’s Day Being A Father Today : brothers, sisters, today you are celebrating Father’s day, among all those gifts, often not necessary, why not remembering on this day the Love that your father donated to you? he was an example to you through his actions, he was an example to you in his gestures, he was an example to you as he went through life, remembering the example that he slowly slowly passed on to you over time, the example that transformed you into men and women, in the field of values, in the commitment, in being a part of this world and being a father of a son, a daughter, with his affection.


Everything important that he donated to you, everything positive that formed you into his example of a father, this is the most important gift that you can communicate to him as a form of gift. In a letter, in a smile, your thank you for his example.


Being a father today is not a simple thing, there are many dangers, many preoccupations and many uncertainties, looking at your own child and loving him through his growth, often with the fear of not being up to the task. But you are the example upon which a child builds himself. In front of his eyes he has you, right from the very first moments of his life, and to his eyes you are not just your face or your body, you are what’s important in his life, your smile, your arms, the words pronounced before they are even understood but that talk to him of your affection, tending to a child means body interaction and once again this is a display of affection, and the emotion when you embrace them with warmth sends them passion and security. And when he grows up and listens to your words, then your thoughts guide him through reality and in this exchanged you help with this growth.


The school, the seriousness of the commitment, a child looks up to you and learns from you, from your words, from your attitude, he even learns about consistency from you.


And here he is, fully developed, ready to face the world, and your effort continues on at his side. Life imposes messages, different thoughts, discovery of different attitudes, and you are once again in front of the eyes of a child, who is constantly learning from you, by looking at how you face these differences, and this is how values are transmitted, as you confront yourselves through those differences, you send the value of what is right, of respect, of equality, of reflection in the heart of life.


This child grew together with you, and now experience leads on to autonomy. Assisting by participating is once again helping him to find his way, slowly slowly in his life, to be able to be himself.


At the moment to hand him over to adult life, there is so much sweetness at the memory of every moment that has known your growing together.


And you assist him in his life, always ready to help him, some advice if necessary, a thought about his unhappiness, and when the thought for you goes to life, the pride of having been a father, a lighthouse that illuminated, a lighthouse that accompanied you, a lighthouse that followed everything from a distance, a lighthouse that has always been a lighthouse.


I embrace you, all fathers in this world


Your brother Jesus Christ


Father’s Day Being A Father Today A Father Example Of Love was the Messages from Jesus Christ 19th March 2009


Father’s Day Being A Father Today A Father Example Of Love


Father’s Day Being A Father Today


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