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The Emotion Of Joy Full Freedom

The Emotion Of Joy Full Freedom Of Expression And Joy


The Emotion Of Joy Full Freedom : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, today is the time to draw balance sheets, so that each one of you may question himself from the heart and may continue, fully aware of your journey; to understand is to value what you have learned, and this is done to guide the present through the choices that will be made in the future; in the time past you have known Love in the many brothers and you have known Love in your heart, and just like you have known the Love in many brothers, you have also known Love in its different manifestations, in intensity, in its depth, and so you have discovered inside you your own Love as it expresses in alternation; sometimes intense, sometimes superficial, sometimes gripping and sometimes just words and all this because the heart, when in contact with others, needs to feel united with them in order to express itself completely; many times in the context of unity you have spontaneously expressed your Love but sometimes as you perceived an obstacle you reacted by suffocating Love and by placing distances inside you, you even contracted your freedom of expression.


This is the experience: you seek unity, according to whether you find it or not, you contract your freedom of full expression of the Love inside you.


And this is the past, all reactions, from the birth to the parents, to all those who took care of you, to all those you have met in the many occasions in life, you matured inside an experience by contracting or giving expression to all of your Love. In life, until now, you have reacted each single time.


But let’s take up all these experiences, to understand them, to donate to yourselves more and more freedom to always be yourselves.


Seeking unity you have known a lot of affection and this has been the product of the reactions that the heart experienced, reactions that do not necessarily have anything to do with you, but they are the story of that heart, above all. In the contact with you there has been a reaction as a byproduct of the reciprocal freedom of your own hearts. And this is your personal story. Many of you have known the growing freedom that the heart has donated to itself, but also, in other situations, of the unity that it sought, the heart that had not been able to give freedom to itself and to life that Love, the feeling that he had inside the heart. And all this taught you that seeking unity can only remain a wish for as long as the heart t is not given freedom to express itself.


Today, you have experienced maturity through the joy and through meetings that have known your suffering, you love those hearts anyway, but you have the understanding that, in lack of freedom, that heart will never be able to express itself and bring joy in the unity.


My loved brothers, my loved sisters, the joy you see as a reaction to a meeting that allows you to live in unity, is not a reaction but it’s the full expression of yourselves, it’s you my brothers, it’s you my sisters, who donate yourselves in full freedom, and experience joy, this is not a reaction but it’s in what you bring into the emotion of joy. In your full expression of seeking unity you experiment the joy inside you. In being a heart, joy invades you, in your freedom you express joy, in being yourselves you express joy.


This balance sheets ends: joy is not given by others, joy is in the full freedom of expression that everybody gives their own heart, freedom to be in front of others.


Closed with the past, your life is in front of you.


With all of my great Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Emotion Of Joy Full Freedom Of Expression And Joy was the Messages from Jesus Christ 23rd March 2009


The Emotion Of Joy Full Freedom Of Expression And Joy


The Emotion Of Joy Full Freedom


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