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Freedom Is A Value The Freedom To Be

Freedom Is A Value The Freedom To Be Yourselves


Freedom Is A Value The Freedom To Be : my dear brothers and my dear sisters, here is a new day, but is there a new day? apparently there is continuity, a day follows another day, but the beginning of a new day can be inside us; learning from experience, from the reflection that saw us really busy this is what opens up inside us the birth of a new day; it’s freedom conquered inside us that determines the birth of the new day, this is how as I said goodbye I talked to you of a new day, because today can be a new beginning.


As I spoke of freedom with you, I always underlined that the word freedom is the freedom you donate to yourselves to express yourselves completely in what you are, in front of others. This freedom is a value, the freedom in every condition to be yourselves, to express yourselves in the Love, in the affection, in the emotion that is contained in the heart at all times.


This value of freedom is what you donate to yourselves in the expression of yourselves as a heart to your brothers.


Every emotion you feel speaks of you, of this feeling that lives and communicates inside you. Freedom means expressing it, bringing it out from inside you and expressing it to others, as a movement from you to others, your communication, as a search for contact, for unity, from your heart to the heart of the other brother. You seek contact with the heart of the other brother in every communication and it’s exactly in your freedom to express yourselves that you seek this possibility.


This freedom produces precious emotions inside you.


As you donate freedom to yourselves you amplify the emotion inside you, you can feel your affection in its full expression. Listen: the heart is speaking to you. This is the affection that you bring. You pick up the emotion in its intensity. Is it so big that you feel in at all times? No, because listening to the heart is necessary to feel, and my brothers are always far from listening to their heart, but in the freedom to feel themselves you regain the contact with the world of Love that is inside you. Feel it, my brothers, feel in complete freedom all the intensity of the emotion as it expresses itself inside you. This moment is experience of yourselves.


This intense emotion envelopes you from the heart, you are this intense emotion, it reverberates inside every single cell, you are emotion of the heart as it moves, in movement, in every cell of yours you perceive the emotion, you are identified with what you feel inside the heart.


Now brothers you feel within the Love, it’s your Love that is speaking, and you feel how this Love wishes to communicate, from the heart it seeks the other heart to communicate this feeling, and once it’s communicated we can continue to feel inside ourselves, once again listening to our heart will bring discovery, there is no longer urgency but peace, it’s the means for the heart to communicate the Love, and surrounded with peace you feel yourselves, freedom produced peace; you experimented your feelings, as you listened to yourselves you discovered it in its intensity, you felt like you were nothing but a feeling, and then that need, the urgency to communicate it and now the peace is the answer.


You are a feeling inside you in the condition of peace.


Your freedom is new after this experience.


And once again you donate new freedom to yourselves, the discovery is of yourselves, of what is contained inside your heart.


I embrace you my loved brothers, I embrace you my loved sisters, I embrace you with all my Love.


Your Brother Jesus Christ


Freedom Is A Value The Freedom To Be Yourselves was the Messages from Jesus Christ 26th March 2009


Freedom Is A Value The Freedom To Be Yourselves


Freedom Is A Value The Freedom To Be


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