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Life In The Sky The Contact With The Sky

Life In The Sky The Contact With The Sky Messages


Life In The Sky The Contact With The Sky : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, today we take a moment of peace, a moment entirely for the heart, a moment to dedicate to yourselves to listen to me while I speak to you about life in the Sky; often while you are in pain you think that the life that takes place here has lost touch with the life that takes place on earth; many of you think it’s like an island that has no contact with other lands, the Love that you feel in the heart toward your loved ones, toward each one of us, you think this Love is interrupted by this presumed sea that separates us so much.


This is not the truth.


The truth is that the sea does not exist, there is no distance, there is no separation between you and us, in reality there is a constant contact between you and us, between you and our hearts.


The only distance happens when you think inside yourselves that our hearts are far away. As you place distance in your thoughts from us, you begin to create Paradise and Earth as two distinct and separate lands.


What you see in your eyes as limitations, inside your heart it is actually possible to be overcome, as you begin to feel, and being in the heart, feeling in the heart means bringing attention inside you and listening to emotions lies in your feeling. Our unity is inside the heart, it’s palpable in this, in the emotions that move inside you and inside us.


Being on earth means to treasure every condition of Love, of affection, that is inside you and your experience determines emotions in us, in our hearts, and listening to the emotion that moves within us, through the Love you inside you the feeling comes alive and communicates. And there it is, our contact is when you listen to yourselves.


In the heart, only in the heart, the contact becomes transmission of the emotions that we are feeling and the subsequent help to you. There are manifestations that we do send to give testimonial to all brothers, but the contact with the Sky is actually inside you, inside each one of you.


The Sky is a world of Love that is always in contact.


When you put distance from the world of the emotions of your heart when you have problems, when you experience pain, when you shut off from your own feelings, you lose contact with all of us, when you open up during problems, during pain, when you listen to yourselves among the thousands of emotions, our contact is alive in you and through this exchange you allow the Sky to help you.


The help from the Sky is not that of removing the problems from you, but to help you, next to us, to understand that problem and to overcome it with Love, transforming any situation into a growth opportunity moment for you and for us who have helped you.


Growth, my brothers, my sisters, growth is in every contact with us, because growth is the infinite process that we are called to do together, in unity, you and us.


In Love we are unity in the purpose of growth.


Our thought is completely for you, the affection, the Love, everything is to help you, to grow in the life and to be able to bring growth into your life. This is life for us: loving you.


I embrace you with a huge hug


Your brother Jesus Christ


Life In The Sky The Contact With The Sky Messages was the Messages from Jesus Christ 30th march 2009


Life In The Sky The Contact With The Sky Messages


Life In The Sky The Contact With The Sky


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