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Death And Transformation

Death And Transformation The Full Understanding Of The Spirit


Death And Transformation : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, once again today there are many hearts like yours who have come to listen to me, today I would like to talk about transformation for you; transformation is the moment when the experience inside the physical body ends, and the sweet Soul regains its aspect of a Spirit; this transformation is experienced through the eyes of awareness; at that precise moment when the Soul leaves the body it removes that veil that life accompanied, and you witness your own heart expanding in full understanding of what you truly are, which is Spirit; again at that moment the Soul recognizes in the feeling as the part that is truly important of itself. In this instant of recognition of being feeling yourselves, from that moment on you look with your eyes as infinite expressions of the feeling that awaits you and all that is past.


In that moment, all surroundings lose meaning and only feelings take on meaning. And everything from earth acquires importance that is relative, with the exception of feelings. This, the feeling, at the time of transformation, is the first important acquisition.


There are different conditions to welcome a Soul in the Sky, often the Angels accompany it, often it’s relatives, or alone you will answer the call, or even just the thought allows instantly the first contact with our Sky. All these conditions reflect from the heart the feeling that the Soul is experiencing at the time of transformation, it’s as if its on feeling chose to reunite with our reality.


And after our first contact, starting from the feeling, every experience is evaluated, experience of the Sky and experience of your own past on earth.


This transformation does not mean losing life, it means looking at every past starting from the feeling that you felt. The process has shown to this emotion that the Soul lives at the time of transformation, it’s the sum of all of the experiences of the feelings lived, feelings mobilized while on earth. It’s this sum that determines the intensity of the feeling felt by this Soul. And so it becomes possible for that Soul to look at itself as an experience of the feeling mobilized. This evaluation that every Soul does about itself, how much Love it has experienced donating and how much feelings it has lived by receiving Love from others and how all this has conditioned the expression of your own feeling. Here comes the evaluation that every Soul conducts on itself, before going to live in the Sky.


This evaluation will determine how to allocate itself in the budding experience of life in the Sky. Every Soul will find its own place more or less in the proximity of the biggest Love, but it will always be in proximity to be able to continue to learn even more how to express your own feeling.


Brothers, sisters, today as you are on earth you have this important opportunity to live the most important expression of yourselves: you feelings. If you love, if you carry feelings, you will reap infinite joy from the moment of the transformation. If you take care of your loved ones, you reap treasures. If you will love without any prejudice, accepting the responsibility to take charge of the problems of your brothers as if they were your own, your Soul in the passage will only know Love.


This is what I say, and this will be your passage.


With Love I come to you to help you to be a feeling, and tomorrow happiness.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Death And Transformation The Full Understanding Of The Spirit was the Messages from Jesus Christ 02nd April 2009


Death And Transformation The Full Understanding Of The Spirit


Death And Transformation


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