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The Feelings The Soul In Every Manifestation

The Feelings The Soul In Every Manifestation Of Love


The Feelings The Soul In Every Manifestation : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, inside the heart is the most precious part of yourselves, your feelings, this coincide with the Soul in every manifestation of Love; they communicate feeling and emotion to all of you, at all times, in every condition, feelings and emotions communicate truths about you, the truth belongs to the feeling in the emotion of authenticity that you touch, from the heart, spontaneously, comes your recognition of truth, you seek to always listen to it, let yourselves be guided by feelings in the recognition of the truth.


Your minds are controlled in life, but your thoughts are not truths, they are observations, orientations, evaluations you make, reflections on the thought that you have, they are opinions sent to you by others, and there are many reasons why you build your own evaluations. However, to evaluate is not the truth, it’s a process of awareness, but the truth is inside the heart, right in the recognition of what is authentic.


Sometimes you think that the recognition when you feel an emotion, or affection, or Love for another person and this is the recognition of what you feel for that person, but this is not the truth of the relationship you started, but your feeling yourselves in the relationship with the other. The authenticity, the recognition of truth, is communicated by the other world to you, and by other world we mean every other heart that enters into a relationship with you. It’s exactly in this feeling that gains life in the heart the recognition of the truth.


In your feelings, recognizing authenticity is certainly not an opinion, or an evaluation, not even an orientation, it’s to accept the truth.


In the emotion, in the feeling, assessing the truth is the final stop, the assessment of what is.


It’s inside you, as you feel, as you welcome the truth among the various emotions of the feeling of authenticity.


The perception of truth is present in the heart because you are Souls and you carry truth in the heart, it’s your memory of the feeling that you carry as Souls during your incarnation.


Truth is you as you feel aware as a Soul.


In the feeling reside both your Soul and your fully aware recognition.


For this reason, my loved brothers and my loved sisters, I always nudge you to pay attention to listening to your heart, feeling the truth in your emotion will act as a guide for you.


May listening to the truth always be a guide for you.


I embrace you my brothers, I embrace you my sisters, I am with you


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Feelings The Soul In Every Manifestation Of Love was the Message from Jesus Christ 6th April 2009


The Feelings The Soul In Every Manifestation Of Love


The Feelings The Soul In Every Manifestation


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