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Earthquake Emotions Transmitted To Humanity

Earthquake Emotions Transmitted To Humanity Messages


Earthquake Emotions Transmitted To Humanity : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, recently there has been an earthquake, you all follow these events and you ask the Sky “why did this happen?” my brothers, it was earth and not the Sky that brought this phenomenon, every seismic movement is from the earth, from deep seated movement, constant movement in the depths, like science explains to you, ever since its creation, earth has been in movement and it still is in movement today, for your science, a shake, is unarguably an event created from the depths of the earth, an unpredictable event, an uncontrollable event, and this is truth in the absence of signals.


On the entire earth seismic areas have been identified, identifying the most active ones, and every human settlement need to be created in respect of that. However many realities, today’s towns and cities, had urban settlements before science even found out about life in the depths of the earth. And so it is that a very intense earthquake causes devastation.


Through the newspapers, alongside the destruction there are humans in pain, in anguish, looking for loved ones, so much anguish in declaring the disappearance, in looking at the life that has left, the repeating of moments of fear, most important certainties that all of a sudden are no longer there, the neighbors’ heart cries, so many tears, so much pain, pain for all ages. But there are also men who come to the rescue, and so begins the search for the missing persons, some of them are saved, from the rubble re-emerges life and the joy in feeling, at that moment in time, that you are being helped.


And you look at humanity, those who are suffering, those who are helping, and from your heart you also wonder how you can help restore existence. For you those crying eyes have faces, like the people helping have faces, and your own eyes feel a part of the same humanity who is suffering and is asking for help as well as giving help.


Seeing this humanity puts your heart in touch with your emotions, and as you are caught up in this wave of emotion, you feel yourselves part of this humanity.


This is the moment when, more than any other time, you feel as brothers who are sharing an experience, through those eyes you see yourselves in those same conditions, you understand the pain and the desire to help, you are those people who are suffering and you are those people who are bringing aid.


This feeling emotions is a very important moment, through the cameras, you can touch your own life in a different aspect, because the emotions transmitted could be your own emotions, and as a heart you recognize yourselves as part of the same humanity.


Understanding, experience of support that comes from the heart always has the same blueprint: the Love that is inside you, that is inside the heart of each brother. Those suffering are searching, those helping are donating to those suffering.


Think of transforming life to give consolation, as today you see those hearts, you think that on earth there are billions of eyes expressing themselves in the pain, and you think of the simultaneous presence of many other eyes who are helping. And today, as your eyes are watching, you know the joy of helping by drying those tears.


With Love I am next to you to help you with my own Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Earthquake The Emotions Transmitted To Your Humanity was the Messages from Jesus Christ 9th April 2009


Earthquake Emotions Transmitted To Humanity Messages


Earthquake Emotions Transmitted To Humanity


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