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Hearts In The Movement Of Solidarity

Hearts In The Movement Of Solidarity After Earthquake


Hearts In The Movement Of Solidarity : my precious sons, my precious daughters, yet another message for you children, precious children, my loved and precious children on earth, I am the Father, today I am here speaking to you and I will pass this time talking about Love; the news show you those eyes who have witnessed destruction, they send images to all of you about those collapses that have destroyed lives, they show you the help, the aid, they show you hearts who have mobilized in an effort of help others, faces are being shown, faces who are helping, calling and donating, faces who reflect hearts in the movement of solidarity, you are those hearts, thank you my precious children, this solidarity allows me to discern the life inside you.


You may think that life is that of your everyday events, when your efforts are to build material comforts for tomorrow, for me life is inside this great emotion that you are living, in the pain you light up your heart to bring help, solidarity, lots of Love to those who are suffering. This is the moment of life for the heart, the moment when first of all is the heart that is activated in the feeling. Every one of you collaborates as he can, but the emotion, the Love that you are manifesting is identical in its intensity.


This makes you precious, the Love, the feeling that you are expressing, that guides your tending to others, that hopes together with them, that has the same wishes as they do, that lives life all united.


For this I sent my son to you, to teach you to shine in this Love, just like you are doing now.


In solidarity is the strength of all my children united, for the common good, and this is the answer when facing a tragedy, movement of solidarity, union among brothers, union in the Love of the heart, sharing, union in a hug that knows no distance between time and space.


Precious sons, precious daughters, take this lesson of life from today, every day can be solidarity for you, every day for you can be life from the heart, every day for you can be affection for others, every day for you can be a hug that unites you; think of the experience you have matured, think of the life of your heart, if you  live every day in the solidarity and in the effort for the common wellness it will be your very effort, the constant thought from your heart to that of the other that, with time, will lead to transform earth into the place where your Love will constantly speak for everybody.


You have found inside yourselves the great Love that I sent you, now, like a beacon, place it so that it illuminates your tomorrows.


In the affection my precious sons and daughters. You are precious in the affection, in your hearts.


With all of my Love I am always with you.


Your Father


Hearts In The Movement Of Solidarity After Earthquake was the Messages From God The Father 13th April 2009


Hearts In The Movement Of Solidarity After Earthquake


Hearts In The Movement Of Solidarity


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