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Love Little Spark Of God The Father In Me

Love Little Spark Of God The Father In Me Messages


Love Little Spark Of God The Father In Me : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, in those moments when you love, how sweet is the heart; in the smile sweetness shines through, and the gesture spreads sweetness, and even in your behavior you express sweetness and words carry sweetness in their sound, this is Love: sweetness upon the other and your patrimony shines in you when you love.


This emotion that you already happened to feel during the course of your life when meeting others has been the result of the meeting of your two hearts. From this encounter, the meeting of two hearts, comes the intense emotion that, by activating all of your own Love, brings you to turn to others with a desire to help them.


And in this desire you find respect and help and support to give, and then the subsequent realization with the other brother, donating happiness and effort and through the effort all of the expression of the Love that you are feeling for the other.


This is your heart that loves.


My dear brothers and my dear sisters, as you feel these emotions inside, you recognize the joy, in the sweetness your recognize yourselves, I am this great emotion, I am in the Love that I am expressing, I am truly precious in all this, in the feeling that I am manifesting with all of my heart. And the emotion that I am feeling, which is Love, is neither the product of the body nor the mind, and I did not learn this anywhere, it’s a treasure that has always been inside me ever since I was a baby, and I expressed it with every step I took, with Love I discovered the world and the faces around me, and again with Love I made contact with the world.


And now that I rediscover this treasure inside me, when I love I realize that I have a little part of the Father inside me, a little spark of the Father in me. And I notice that when I came to earth I brought this little spark of the Father with me, and through this spark I have a constant contact with the world of the brothers. How could I recognize that spark of the Father in me, if there was not even a brother to whom I could manifest my Love, thus lighting up my Love and to love.


And it’s exactly through my loving other brothers that I can recognize my union with the Father.


My loved brothers and my loved sisters, when you love you recognize the Father, through Him are your experiences of Love, and as you experience them you see the expression of Him.


Every instant that you love is through the experience of Him who is guiding every heart toward him.


And also in this very moment that you feel an emotion in your heart, you are experimenting the father who is expressing himself through your Love. Listen to the Father inside you.


With all of my heart I bring you this message: the Father is inside you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Love Little Spark Of God The Father In Me Messages was the Messages of Jesus Christ 16th April 2009


Love Little Spark Of God The Father In Me Messages


Love Little Spark Of God The Father In Me


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