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The Awareness Of Being All Brothers

The Awareness Of Being All Brothers Among Us


The Awareness Of Being All Brothers : my loved and sweet brothers and my loved and sweet sisters, my heart is with you, today and always. I am with you to help you face life with the effort of the heart; as children of the Father, you carry Love inside you, and now that you are working during those moments of great difficulty to express yourselves as Love, all of my teachings reach out to you to help you; my loved brothers, my loved sisters, each one of you encounters difficult moments in your lives, many difficulties are told to you, because this is life, in difficulties, as they are being told, as they are shared with others, you seek understanding, you seek help, you especially seek a heart that does not place distance between you, but that creates an experience of unity; you especially seek the heart of others, because in this unity Love can express itself, this is the only way that Love can express itself, only in the contact between two hearts can a feeling be born, and then the Love that guides your actions, when you help there a the union, a sharing, an exchange, the experience of being a heart that helps other brothers, and the experience of a brother who is helping.


This gives you joy, feeling the Love being mobilized for others, or helping you face your own problem, this is the answer of Love.


The experience of helping, and the experience of being helped, they both draw their meaning from Love. The experience confirms that for the heart, only Love has meaning.


Brothers, all those hearts who today express their own feelings through Love when they help from heart to heart, they are heading towards Love.


Understanding that a heart has needs to draw an experience from this union reflects the understanding of the meaning of the experience itself.


Brothers, the meaning, the meaning of being brothers, is in the unity.


Being your brother means being with you, the emotion of being with you, being able to help you is joy, being able to be a light for you is an emotion for the heart, walking down your path with you is a sweet emotion, it’s a great joy to donate the smile you were looking for to you.


This is true for every condition of life, in every moment, it’s right in front of the open eyes of those who go through life in full awareness of being all brothers among us.


This awareness sits inside the heart, and as you love, you get continuous confirmation of this truth.


As you love, you feel inside you for the other person, the other person is no longer a stranger, he’s a heart, one of our brothers or one of our sisters, whose heart is now speaking and is making contact with our heart.


Here in the life it’s all an experience of the heart, a constant discovery of the Love inside you, a constant discovery of how immense is the Love inside you, a constant discovery of yourself as a child of the Father, as a drop of Love of the creation. Everything in the heart speaks when you love, this is the sweet light inside the heart whenever you love.


May Love reign inside your hearts


I will always be with you


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Awareness Of Being All Brothers Among Us was the Messages from Jesus Christ 20th April 2009


The Awareness Of Being All Brothers Among Us


The Awareness Of Being All Brothers


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