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Words Of Jesus You Are My Thought Of Love

Words Of Jesus You Are My Thought Of Love messages


Words Of Jesus You Are My Thought Of Love : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, in this moment I give you my greetings, may the words I feel inside my heart that I am dictating to our Sara Luce reach your heart and restore it, may my Love reach you to restore you, my the immense joy I feel reach your heart and restore you and may all the sweetness in me reach your heart to restore you.


These are the words that I feel inside the heart and that I communicate to you. The joy, the sweetness, may my great Love reach you inside the heart and remain a presence in you.


My Love is with you, my great Love is for you, and my immense Love is inside you.


How nice it is to think of you as happy as you feel completely loved by me, how much sweetness is activated in my thoughts, an endless thought for you, you are my thought of Love, all of my life is a thought of Love for you. In my heart the emotion is so great inside this thought, this is how I love you, this is how I follow you in the heart, from the great Love that I feel for you.


And now that I am speaking with you it is a joy to send you what I feel, these words I am pronouncing are reaching your hearts like signs of my immense Love.


May Love be the subject of my last words of this message before Sara Luce’s vacation.


I feel inside the heart, to leave behind my words of Love. May Love accompany you every moment, the thought of my Love inside you, my Love breathing inside you, my Love is alive inside you.


For me this is life, from the moment I express all of my feeling to you; this moment is life within the joy, this is the moment to tell you about my Love, a moment to share the joy that you give to me as you are within your heart, in the heart of all brothers, in the heart of all sisters.


Bring the thought of me in the heart, always listening, always embraced to you inside the heart, I always speak to you of Love and shed light on your road. In the Love you think of your brother who fills you with Love; in the light you think of the existence, of the light of my Love. My life is for you, my life is in the Love for you, my life is an uninterrupted message of Love for you, an endless message of Love for you.


My beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, these words are written in your heart and today, as I say goodbye, I wish that you let these words I dictated to you shine inside you: my brother Jesus Christ loves me so, so much.


Words Of Jesus You Are My Thought Of Love are the Words of Jesus Christ 27th July 2009


Words Of Jesus You Are My Thought Of Love messages


Words Of Jesus You Are My Thought Of Love


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