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Being Inside The Heart Means

Being Inside The Heart Means To Bring Attention To The World Of Emotions


Being Inside The Heart Means : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, the month of August is fast approaching and our friend Sara will be on vacation for two weeks, sightseeing in the mountains, watching deer and taking long walks, this is what awaits her, she will stay for one more message and then she will leave for her vacation; my beloved brothers, my beloved sisters, inside this message I ask you a question: how can we distinguish if what we express with our voice, with our words, with our gestures actually communicate the content of Love to the other person, the Love that is live inside our hearts?


The answer is exactly inside your heart.


What is being felt gets transmitted.


As you listen to yourselves while you communicate with the other person, you feel your emotions stir up inside you in the many moments of contact with the other person, these emotions push you to speak and choosing certain words as opposed to others, certain gestures and not others, an intonation of your voice as opposed to another, this is the process by which you can send the content of your heart. This is how you transmit every emotion you have. And the outcome is that the heart who is receiving what you are feeling ends up confronting itself over what it heard in that moment, and will in turn communicate to you what is moving inside it through his choice of words, of gesture, and of intonation of his voice.


Being inside the heart means to always bring your attention to the world of emotions that are experimented inside, this is to be aware of the Love that you are experimenting, and you are aware of every emotion that is being sent to the other person.


Sweet moments, beautiful emotions; contrasting tensions and emotions.


What you feel will inevitably be communicated, take your time to listen, question your heart over everything you feel, over what you are feeling and seek an answer for everything you feel, try to always resort to calm to help ensure that every communication is aware of the true feeling that you are experiencing.


Over the course of life there are many occasions for you to make contact with others because you are talking of emotions, of feelings, all the time; being quietly aware of what you are feeling turns a meeting into an authentic exchange of what is inside the heart, and you are expressing truths from the heart, allowing the other heart to make contact with its own truth, and all the while doing this within his emotions.


For you the question changes: how can I send the truth of my heart if not by questioning myself over what I feel? The value of our contact lies in being aware of what I am transmitting.


Well, I am with you, and I feel joy as I help you, I feel I am happy in my feeling for every word that I dictate, it’s help, and helping means bringing to you the sweet affection of my heart. Why did I dictate this? So that you can gain awareness of your feelings, you don’t have words inside, only all of my affection.


Feel it, it is the Truth.


An embrace, in all of this movement is my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Being Inside The Heart Means To Bring Attention To The World Of Emotions was the Messages by Jesus Christ 23rd July 2009


Being Inside The Heart Means To Bring Attention To The World Of Emotions


Being Inside The Heart Means


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