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Messages By Jesus Be The Eyes Of Love

Messages By Jesus Be The Eyes Of Love For Others


Messages By Jesus Be The Eyes Of Love : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, it was a sweet memory when I was among you, the masses of people, so different among themselves and yet they were seeking a message of Love; for me, in front of my eyes there were so many hearts in need seeking hope from me; they would follow my messages for days, my words, my moves, my every step was followed by them with their heart and they sought contact, even just a light touch was happiness for them.


They would seek my eyes in their eyes, so many sweet moments, in my eyes they were seeking peace and safety, they sought God in my eyes.


These masses of people were seeking the Father through me.


Beautiful eyes that were looking at me instead of scrutinizing me, beautiful eyes that lit up with hope instead of doubt, sweetest eyes that sought contact instead of keeping themselves at a distance; sweetest eyes that hoped in my guidance.


What a sweet emotion I felt in my heart, so many people to help, to understand, to console, these are the most precious memories that exist inside me.


Brothers, life has gifted me with these memories and now this is your own reality; people, masses of people who are still seeking in your eyes a sign of God.


The Love He donated to you are His words to others.


If you love, send His Love.


When you help, send His Love.


When you live from the heart, you are sending His Love.


Your eyes are like a mirror of the Love that is activated inside the heart.


You look in people’s eyes when you communicate a gesture, you look at that brother, that sister, you look at them in the eyes and you show your Love, His Love.


Just like it is Love for you to meet eyes that love, then be the eyes of Love for others.


My sweet brothers, my sweet sisters, this is what is much needed among you. Often people chase their lives, a rush that makes us distracted when in contact with others, and this need to find Love in the eyes of others is chasing the elusive contact, in the calm, in Love, do allow this experience of a contact, understand from your heart the need and the difficulty, and allow your self-expression in complete calm.


In complete calm allow your sweet expression so that the other person may make contact with your look of Love.


Beautiful eyes express Love.


Beautiful eyes express His Love.


We are all embraced, brothers, the Love unites us from the heart, just like in the universe Love is united to earth so are we, a universe united in the Father.


Your brother Jesus Christ



Messages By Jesus Be The Eyes Of Love For Others was the Messages by Jesus Christ il 20.07.2009


Messages By Jesus Be The Eyes Of Love For Others


Messages By Jesus Be The Eyes Of Love


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