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In The Infinite Joy The Experience

In The Infinite Joy The Experience Of Being A Couple


In The Infinite Joy The Experience : my dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, here I am among you, with joy in my heart, I speak and dictate this message especially for you to express the Love that I feel for all of you who are on earth during your experience inside a body; your body has been growing, and as it developed it made you accumulate experiences also from the experience of being a couple, the experience you had had through friendships, people you knew, relatives, now becomes something else, your heart has felt a particular Love grow inside for that person, this heart needs the other person to reach another happiness and as it accompanies you, you promised eternal Love to each other.


As you accompanied each other, sweet children were born, and your experience enriched itself with yet another experience, loving a child is an experience of a gift, gifting yourselves is the experience of a heart that makes its Love available to another.


In your experience as a father, as a mother, there have been countless times when you had to protect a child from the dangers of unawareness, you rescued him in many occasions and you understood so many mistakes, taking into account the child’s inexperience and all those words that you donated that at times were not of any use, the experience may not have been a success, but through the failure you have watched your child grow up; Love always wanted the best for your child, although at times it was not possible and you dried away many tears; in the experience that your child matured he also regretted some of his mistakes and corrected his ways, and you witnessed this growth through the eyes of your Love.


With your eyes full of Love you understood, you felt that the major cause of many errors was inexperience and you understood that experience changed your child, making him grow up, and you also felt the inevitable mistake.


As you looked with your eyes of Love, you understood that growth is a journey that runs through errors and corrections, this is what you felt as you watched your child from the point of view of Love.


And now that he himself discovered that he is stronger in his life thanks to you, on top of the Love you donated he now understands additional Love, Love that has helped, Love that has rescued him, Love that has transmitted experience, Love that has assisted, Love that did not judge, Love that has always accepted mistakes. This is what you are, Love.


And you are Love to the eyes of the Father, Love that looks at you and understand and always loves you. He loves you, He wishes that at the end of your journey this experience may be one of joy upon you, He wishes a fulfilled child for you, a child who at the same time has also learned from his mistakes and has been correcting himself, and now he is finally himself.


In the infinite joy He looks at you, in the infinite Love He looks at all of you.


In the infinite Love all His children are raised.


"In the infinite Joy all My children are raised".


I embrace you brothers, I embrace you sisters.


Your brother Jesus Christ


In The Infinite Joy The Experience Of Being A Couple was the Message by Jesus Christ 16th July .2009


In The Infinite Joy The Experience Of Being A Couple


In The Infinite Joy The Experience


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