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The Journey That We All Face In Life

The Journey That We All Face In Life messages


The Journey That We All Face In Life : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I continue the contact with your hearts, my beloved brothers, my beloved sisters, I bring you the light, it shines out from my heart and I bring Love into your hearts, through the message I embrace you and you are inside me; first of all, the words that I am dictating to you place inside you all the Love that I feel as I get closer to you, as I am with you, I am feeling inside your hearts, I am listening to you, I send you passion of the heart.


They are heavy moments, difficult moments, the heart stagnates in sadness, this is what I feel from many of your hearts, it is very difficult to accept life and its many difficulties, accepting life with all its problems, this is what you are thinking of in this specific moment. I am listening to the pain that you feel, all the desperation that comes to me from your heart, however, I have come to you to be with you and to help you.


Believe me, life is not just the result of being born on earth, we are immortal brothers, and we have already seen many centuries before we came on earth. Surrounded by Love is how we lived our previous life in the Sky, the life that taught us to manifest ourselves from the heart, everything that you live is in the order of Love and every difficulty that we may still end up meeting has an immediate response of Love. This is how we grew up, this is our experience and then there is a dream of freedom that brings us on earth.


Freedom to only be a heart in every situation.


We have known for a long time the many difficulties that our brothers see in their passage, in the experience on earth. We also know it because we have been following sweet Souls from the Sky who have left before us.


Then the time came for us too, we were authorized to descend into the life on earth. Here we are, inside a body, our much awaited experience finally begins.


Life and the contact with the first difficulties and other contacts, and other difficulties, we are growing up and Love is inside us. We see next to us other hearts, the expression of other hearts and often the authorization to be a heart, we learn this from our companion in our journey, and our free manifestation begins to really be influenced by the many hearts that live with us, and often our past within Love is all but a lost memory. The heart closes up, it does not even know how and where it happened, and life continues on with less and less Love.


At a certain point, this closure of the heart becomes like our normal dress, a dress that is almost sawn on to our skin, tying down movement, and we begin to struggle just to feel anything, that dress is too tight and you begin to feel anguish, you want to tear off that dress, but how? The treasure is inside you, it’s the life of the heart, to feel, to experiment, to communicate, the contact with the heart, and life starts again, the forgotten joy, the hope lights up again, the light of the heart shines once again and that Being is you, you expressing yourselves from the heart.


Affection, the act of Being communicates affection, it is regaining the zest for life. We are Love and our happiness is that of expressing ourselves as Love.


How is this situation? How can I bring my Love? Some advice? Should I become more involved? As I face things shall I bring my hope? My body, can I express Love through my body? As I communicate, can I place Love into my words? And here come millions of opportunities in the heart, there remains just a question: how can I manifest my Love?


The Life of the heart meets freedom. By loving more you feel yourselves and the more you love the more you want to feel yourselves. And now it’s the heart that rediscovers happiness in its own Being Love.


This is everybody’s fairy tale, the journey that we all face in life, from constriction to our freedom, to the shadow of joy, from the tight dress to the beauty of being yourselves.


This is the fairy tale that we write in our lives in order to eventually just be ourselves.


I embrace in my Love, what will you write today, brothers and sisters?


I look at your heart, I see all treasures, do you want to look?


I look at your heart, I see all treasures, do you want to look for them?


With all of my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Journey That We All Face In Life was the Message by Jesus Christ 13th June 2009


The Journey That We All Face In Life messages


The Journey That We All Face In Life


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