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Interview Of Love Through The Messages

Interview Of Love Through The Messages To Humanity


Interview Of Love Through The Messages : my dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, this Sky listens to you, the words that come out of the heart as prayers are welcomed and heeded, what for you is an interview in the absence of the eyes, for us it means us being right in front of you and embracing you, and understanding you; surrounded by light, without even realizing it, you pray, ask, beg for our presence and all the while we are right next to you.


You send prayers, you feel like the voice is far away and we are next to you.


Sometimes right at the time when we embrace you, your heart begs for a contact with us.


My brothers and sisters, for many, many of you this is the reality, a thought that pictures us as being distant, a thought that sees us available for other brothers, a thought that thinks your requests are heard only if you beg, a vision of us standing motionless while watching you. And through this presumed reality your heart speaks to us.


My loved brothers, my loved sisters, the Love I send you through these messages is not words, it is what we feel inside the heart for each one of you children, loved brothers, this is what is expressed in the words, only Love. Love for you and the entire creation.


I feel a responsibility toward all of you, Love makes me feel responsible in front of all of you, and this is message I feel sent to my heart: you must always be there for your brothers, love them in every condition that you see, help them find themselves again, being the guiding brother for them, being a Teacher for them; through your Love, help them find the light inside themselves and guide them with your Love to the knowledge, to the Truth; provide for them through difficult moments, welcome your brothers in your arms every time they look for you. This is what I feel inside my heart for you. This is the Truth of my heart.


When you understand what I feel, you understand my presence next to you in the interview of Love that takes place in your heart.


Listen to the emotions in the heart, because I send you my presence to your heart, open up my brothers and sisters, and I will send you what is necessary to be of help to you in those moments, and I will place experience of me with you through a sweet message “I love you, here I am my brother; I love you, here I am my sister”


And it will be joy in my heart to feel your heart recognizing me.


I am next to you, accept my Love into your heart, you are my whole life.


I am embracing you really tight, this is the Love I feel


Your brother Jesus Christ in the Love.


Interview Of Love Through The Messages To Humanity was the Message by Jesus Christ 9th July 2009


Interview Of Love Through The Messages To Humanity


Interview Of Love Through The Messages


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