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Long Lasting And True Peace In The Heart

Long Lasting And True Peace In The Heart messages


Long Lasting And True Peace In The Heart : my dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, the peace achieved in the heart is always the result of a balance, however, often inside your hearts there are contrasting emotions, which are the product of frequent reactions to the events taking place in life that do not create balance; if you think of your path you will agree with me that the times when you felt true equilibrium inside your heart were very few, the equilibrium that had been created sooner or later was disturbed by an event in which your reaction once again brought about contrasting emotions inside yourselves.


What I am explaining to you through these messages in this period is that everything starts from you, the meaning of life, being yourselves in life, all of its journey, the meaning of your journey, it comes from you, from how you look at life.


You are getting to know yourselves through the experiences that you experiment inside your heart, this tells you about who you are in the Love, this is very important because knowing you are hearts as a source of Love is to know yourselves as a source of Love, and recognizing yourselves as source of Love means to get in profound contact with the real nature of your Spirit.


Being Spirit is beyond all of the events that may happen during the course of your experience on earth.


Being Spirit is the recognition of yourselves as Love, and being Spirit is realizing that only Love in life is important, and expanding yourselves in the Love is the true objective.


The peace you are finding again is the result of your turning your eyes of life to seeing yourselves in first place, you are Love and as every experience can mean for you to expand your Love and always being more and more your own Love.


The peace you feel inside your heart knows this journey, starting from you in the world, to return to you and to the world.


This is what I have been teaching you lately, being yourselves, in the recognition of yourselves as Love, bringing your own recognition of life and facing your daily life as an opportunity to expand yourselves as Love, you are conquering peace, long lasting and true peace.


This is being yourselves in the world, in life, in the situations that life throws at you. Being Love is why you left your life in the Sky, today you are manifesting it on earth, this is the journey for which you asked permission to be born and take the journey you are taking.


My dear brothers and my dear sisters, the path you are taking ultimately brings peace, peace that helps you even more in speaking to all of your brothers with your heart.


I am embracing you, and I feel immense Love inside me, all of my Love is for you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Long Lasting And True Peace In The Heart was the Messages of Jesus Christ 6th July 2009


Long Lasting And True Peace In The Heart messages


Long Lasting And True Peace In The Heart


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