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The Reality Of Spirit The Eyes

The Reality Of Spirit The Eyes Are Seeking The Truth


The Reality Of Spirit The Eyes : my sweet and beloved brothers, my sweet and beloved sisters, I hear a voice in the heart, a beckoning of Love for my brothers and for my sisters, this music I hear inside my heart pushes me toward you; I have come to help you with my words, help with the phase you are going through, your being on earth with eyes that do not pick up the reality of Spirit, your senses that do not discern the reality of the Spirit and around you there are increasingly more messages that deny the reality of Spirit itself; surrounded by materialism, does talking of Spirit lose its value? overwhelmed by events, is it not necessary to talk about Spirit? is it truly an unanswerable question that of who we really are? even this last question turns to the reality of Spirit, and what about that restlessness that grabs you when there is a communication from Spirit?


You think, you feel what your senses allow you to feel, but the eyes of all of you are constantly seeking the truth; and so an image rekindles the reality that is possible, a testimonial, and once again from your heart comes out the desire to live it, every proof rekindles the light and replenishes the hope deep inside your heart.


In the end, my brothers, my sisters, it’s what you don’t touch and what you don’t see that doubts the reality of Spirit. Doubt is not touching, doubt is not seeing, but inside you, what is it that sends that enthusiasm you feel suddenly inside your heart? The enthusiasm as an emotion always lights up when in front of the much awaited possibility, how could you register the feeling of possibility and waiting, if inside you there was not already an awareness of the Spirit?


I know that the events you witness on earth are for the most part linked to materialism, but my brothers, my sisters, the emotion is linked to Spirit. Those intense emotions that you feel, and that distract your attention away from the material things, they are linked to your being Spirit. When you Love it is your Spirit that is loving, when you go out of your way to be of help, it’s your Spirit that goes out of its way; when you welcome and protect, it is your Spirit that welcomes and protects; everything that is your entire world, it’s actually your Spirit that is speaking to you.


My brothers and sisters, is it nice to feel joy? It’s your Spirit that feels itself in the joy; and when you love? Is it not fantastic how your Spirit feels in the Love? And that light that surrounds you when you feel an emotion of fulfillment? Once again it is as if your Spirit feels fulfillment.


Can we still profess our doubt over the reality of Spirit, my beloved brothers and sisters?


You are body and Spirit, and you are gaining experience as a Spirit but within a reality of a matter, but if this contact is in this matter, the reality of the Spirit is what you feel in your experience within the matter.


In the joy I leave you


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Reality Of Spirit The Eyes Are Seeking The Truth was the Messages from Jesus Christ 27th August 2009


The Reality Of Spirit The Eyes Are Seeking The Truth


The Reality Of Spirit The Eyes


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