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I Am Life At Every Moment I Am Spirit

I Am Life At Every Moment I Am Spirit Within Freedom


I Am Life At Every Moment I Am Spirit : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, here I am among you in the contact with my heart with my brothers, with my sisters; in the contact with you I bring you my light, the great Love, tenderness and joy; welcome back, the holidays season is over and now we are the ones who will begin an important moment by means of our meetings, we are invigorated, we look at life with more open eyes, the time we spent on vacation, life on vacation, time was placed before us like a gift for us, we really enjoyed the possibility to regain our own time and enjoy it, and use it with the possibility to make experiences for ourselves, as well as contact, and enrichment.


And now that the experience enriched us, we return to our daily lives, but a daily life that almost always sees moments where we attribute experiences of being unable to be ourselves. And this non freedom is like returning to work, starting again with our commitments for our own loved ones, for our children, and this meaning of non-freedom that we attach to our daily lives reignites the desire to be far away, it reignites the desire for a different life, it reignites the desire to chase our dreams from our past. Often the act of returning from vacations categorizes all of these emotions as non-freedom.


I agree, if time is not spelled out by your complete freedom to manage it, to organize it, to depend exclusively from you, it can also be an experience of yourselves in your freedom at all times.


Every moment of your life, it belongs to you, the experience belongs to you, being yourselves belongs to you, in every moment, as you make contact, as you take care of something, the experience belongs to you. And you are the ones leading the experience, even every contact can be an experience for yourselves if you will donate the freedom to yourselves to be yourselves.


Life is mine, in every condition, and I face it by maturing experiences and bringing myself through these conditions. Being like a reflection of myself that dreams of freedom is like depriving myself of the experience of my own life.


I am life at every moment, I am myself in the experience, myself as the entire time unfolds, myself as I learn, myself in the freedom to be, myself in the life that I am leading now.


I can place Love, understanding, effort for others, even place my own value as I take care of it, and now my experience within freedom that I donate to myself will always have a meaning, whenever I place myself in my life, alienation is a thing that is far away from me.


This is an important moment: I can decide between alienation and living an experience, how can I decide between freedom for myself and a mirror for myself, how can I decide between life and extenuating daily life.


I am my life, I am my own experience, I am myself in the conditions, I am a Spirit that learns from every contact, I am a Spirit that feels in every moment, I am Spirit within freedom.


And so we can begin to regain completely our life that belongs to us, and to be life ourselves.


I embrace you with much Love.


Your brother Jesus Christ


I Am Life At Every Moment I Am Spirit Within Freedom was the Messages from Jesus Christ 31th August 2009


I Am Life At Every Moment I Am Spirit Within Freedom


I Am Life At Every Moment I Am Spirit


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