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Being In The Truth The Evolution

Being In The Truth The Evolution To Which Our Being Is Called


Being In The Truth The Evolution : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, there is a heaven inside you, your heart is a world full of stars, the Love that illuminates the stars is inside you, a heaven available to communicate with, to be transmitted with a gesture to another heart, and it can reach another heart with just one single word, how intense is the Love inside your heaven.


This is valid for each one of your hearts, a Love so big, a heaven.


For you, every day is an experience of a new day, and in that new day is the opportunity to give expression to the extraordinary Love that is inside you. The heart opens up and here you are, illuminating the external word, what a sweet sensation comes from you, you have picked from infinity the star to use, you chose your expression.


In a specific moment, the star inside your heart seems to reach the heart of the other person and shine with sentiment. It’s your own moment, a moment of your own expression, of expression of yourselves, in what you are, that heaven of stars that is inside your heart.


You feel in the Love, you feel that emotion toward the other person, this is what you are feeling, in the bottom of your heart you feel the spontaneity of your communication, in what you feel, and as you feel deep inside your heart you can notice the truth in what you are saying. In your freedom you are the expression of yourselves in the truth.


This is why at any given time, in your expression of yourselves you end up knowing the truth. The truth is what distinguishes you in the depth. Truth over your nature, in how you respond is the truth on your real emotions, truth on the freedom of expression that you are allowing with the manifestation of the infinite Love that is inside you.


Freedom of expression is freedom from every condition, it’s being in the expression of yourselves regardless of any condition of limitation, it’s an expression in the freedom of your heart without any worry about the results, being regardless of anything, this is freedom, free expression of the Love that is inside you.


And conquering freedom in the sweet expression of yourselves is built moment after moment, each time we give freedom to our heaven to express itself.


Moment after moment of contact with the truth of our being an expression is a confirmation of ourselves in what we are, a truth in our Being.


My beloved brothers, my beloved sisters, this is the evolution to which our being is called. Being in the truth.


I am in the world, in the truth, a Being of infinite Love.


In the truth of our Being.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Being In The Truth The Evolution To Which Our Being Is Called was the Messages from Jesus Christ 03rd September 2009


Being In The Truth The Evolution To Which Our Being Is Called


Being In The Truth The Evolution


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