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The Meaning Sent From The Heart

The Meaning Sent From The Heart That Is Communicating


The Meaning Sent From The Heart : my sweet and loved brothers, my sweet and loved sisters, the answer in the heart is what you feel inside the interactions as it comes from the heart with which you are in contact; as I mentioned, communication is achieved mainly through the words that transmit affection from the person speaking, through the communication of the words, every heart sends the meaning for itself of the words that it is saying, this is how the communication from the heart sends meaning to the heart that is listening.


In front of the meaning sent from the heart that is communicating, you feel inside you at an emotional level the meaning that this communication holds for you.


When some meaning lights up that causes pain inside you, suddenly your heart contracts, with the inevitable result of the heart closing down. Form this closure you continue on by placing distance between you and that heart that is communicating; this closure of the heart determines the distance from that moment on.  A distance that involves not only that heart that communicated, but also your attitude, as it expands to other hearts. So much solitude then envelopes you as you contract your heart and your Love inside yourselves.


There are many brothers who, as they shut down, are also placing ever greater distances between themselves and other hearts; and as the heart contracts, they place distance within themselves from their own Love. Other brothers, as they contract, react with anger and react with violence to this contraction that they feel inside their hearts.


The meaning that was the initial step, the meaning sent through the words communicated from that heart, and the meaning that has lit up inside your heart in reply to the meaning that was transmitted.


The meaning that is transmitted speaks to you of the evolution of that heart, the meaning that you feel speaks of your own evolution.


If you think that many behaviors represent the actual point, the specific moment of evolution of that heart, it will no longer be necessary to contract when reacting, but to understand the evolution and seek advice inside yourselves so that you can create evolution for yourselves starting from your own internal feelings.


If you welcome the heart that is speaking as a next of kin to you, but that is still unaware of the meaning that it is transmitting, of the pain that it is causing, you will manage to contain the pain without placing distances between you. Your meaning is important to be communicated, in order to allow an evolutionary step to those who are communicating to you.


I think of the families, of the couples in their relationships, of the rapports with many other creatures, you call them friendships, I think of the rapports with the parents, where communicating is important because they were born from affection, they are an experience of affection, and once again your hearts want to be in their experience within the affection. Especially with the hearts you love, every distance creates grave suffering inside the heart. Understanding and then clarifying the meaning you lived means to love even more intensely from the heart. And in the meaning understood and communicated, you are the ones evolving.


I leave you to your effort, evolution starting from you


An immense embrace


Your Brother Jesus Christ


The Meaning Sent From The Heart That Is Communicating was the Messages from Jesus Christ 07th September 2009


The Meaning Sent From The Heart That Is Communicating


The Meaning Sent From The Heart


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