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Love Everything Is Love

Love Everything Is Love The Teaching Of Life


Love Everything Is Love : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, everything is a world of Love, look at earth, everything has been created for that body, to make an experience through that body, and not only the experience of maternity or paternity, but a sweet experience of rediscovery of the Father in every aspect of the expression of nature around you, look at nature, in front of your eyes the immense is speaking to you, it speaks to you of what is necessary for life, sending its own feeling through pollen, always welcoming every form of Love in the contact, safeguarding inside this precious element and changing to give expression to the world of a Love that is changed, of a Love that has grown.


This is life for the humanity, to send, to welcome, to safeguard, to change, to create to then send to the infinite.


This is the teaching of life through nature.


These are the only elements necessary to life.


Everything starts from Love for the continuous growth of Love.


Every gesture you make is pollen, every meeting you have sends pollen, you deposit pollen all the time my brothers and my sisters, every moment you are harvesting pollen that was left behind by those around you, and you welcome it and you change, to then create the expression of that seed.


It is important to be aware that what you are sowing will be the harvest for other hearts.


Being aware means to know if what we are sowing behind us is Love, or if we are only leaving empty seeds behind us, because only Love will lead to growth of Love.


Just the act of breathing does not constitute life, feeding is not life, moving is not life, existing is not life, and existing is necessary to life the moment in which we are sowing, when we are welcoming, modifying and creating a new expression.


This, my brothers, my sisters, does not need any material things, it is already inside you, it’s inside your feeling, it’s in the Love that is inside you.


Many of us confuse life with the enjoyment of material things, and they think and think again about how to procure those things, this is the illusion of materialism, whereas nature teaches you that even the scent of a single flower can place an emotion that is a stronger call to life than any good that was not donated with Love.


I invite you to reflect on this today.


I sowed for Love, now it’s up to you to harvest and change.


I have infinite Love in the heart for you


Your Brother Jesus Christ


Love Everything Is Love The Teaching Of Life was the Message dictated by Jesus Christ 10th September 2009


Love Everything Is Love The Teaching Of Life


Love Everything Is Love


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