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Toward Freedom To Seize Back Your Life

Toward Freedom To Seize Back Your Life messages


Toward Freedom To Seize Back Your Life : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, this is the moment to seize back your life, this past has taught you how much difficulty hearts experience in this life on earth to shine as much as they could. Brothers, sisters, in all those hearts there is a desire for peace and harmony, but for the encounter with the reality they renounced cultivating their own desire, living in their own desire, being the first ones to be an expression of your own desire.


In history many brothers and many sisters have been examples for you, they have been examples of their own hearts, and you picked up on their expression and you felt admiration inside your hearts. What a precious contribution that heart gave to everybody, and this is exactly the example that I am talking about today.


Study the existence of these brothers and sisters, the reality, their reality is not so different from the one in which you are living, no reality in itself constitutes a limit, a negation to the possibility of being true expression of yourselves.


In your memories is the expression of life inside you, in the memories of that emotion, the admiration, that being yourselves, the projects you realized, the Love you shared and even accepting all the surrounds that limit you, and despite it all, with Love being shared, fulfilling your Being. This inspires admiration in you and a desire to go down that road with your own desire, but in order to do this you have to start from the heart.


With this freedom that I have, making myself available means starting from what I feel in the passion that is in me, being able to improve this world by bringing expression of what I am seeking and that I do not already find established among us. In this passion I feel I can deploy all of myself, starting from Love, from my being, from my desire, from my reality.


You see, my beloved brothers, my beloved sisters, this is an effort of Love, the effort from the heart took work, a responsibility that started from the heart, a dream to be fulfilled that leans on the heart. Leaning on the heart is this doing, and this doing will be experience of Love.


In the past, this dream pushed you to seek, now that dream is what you would like to fulfill, because the reality does not change simply because of the desire you have inside your heart; release your Love, being your true self to others, your desire will guide you within being; Love, harmony, listening, attention, start by being all that you seek, and little by little your dream will come true.


Next to you, with all of my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Toward Freedom To Seize Back Your Life was the Message dictated by Jesus Christ 17th September 2009


Toward Freedom To Seize Back Your Life messages


Toward Freedom To Seize Back Your Life


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